Even The Young & Healthy Are Getting The Coronavirus

Covid-19’s exponential spread across the world continues unabated, except in China, where the rate of officially reported new cases has slowed dramatically.

At the same time, cases in India are on the rise. Might India be the next big outbreak location? Time will tell. Meanwhile, this honey badger of a virus shows that it “just don’t care” who you are.

We are getting more reports of young & healthy people getting hit hard. Rich, famous, royal, powerful — it doesn’t matter, all socioeconomic strata are coming down with it.

We’re also getting reports that social distancing, PPE and good hygiene practices really do make a big difference — so keep up your efforts, folks!

At the end of today’s video, Chris mentions our book Prosper! and its relevance to the world era we’re entering into. More information on the book, which is a great read for anyone currently under home lockdown, can be found here: https://www.peakprosperity.com/our-bo…

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