Everyone Is Jumping on the Bandwagon (Everyone that Is Sentient)

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12 Responses to Everyone Is Jumping on the Bandwagon (Everyone that Is Sentient)

  1. Bill says:

    i guess he must of woke up out of his drug induced anti trump hysteria stupor. Its either, Trump or the Marxist commie demon rat rat pack of Schumer/Pelosi, he must of chose.

  2. a follower says:

    While i like Glenn and am very grateful to him, he still seems to be a little double minded and or changes with the tide. He certainly refuses to see Truths that many others see.
    i can see what Trump has accomplished yet i do not feel the need to board the Trump train. There is a reason we get the leaders we have. And as L.T. liked to remind us.
    We have been warned!

    • a follower says:

      I find it amazing that Trump is fulfilling some of the prophecies for the antichrist, and the church is praising him … all the way to Jerusalem.

      The Bible prophesies that in the end times, “Jerusalem would become a burdensome stone.” That’s presently happening folks.

      • Bill says:

        Please keep in mind that God can use even a man like Trump to fulfill his will just as he did under old Israel in the old testament era. God raises up Kings and brings kings down for his own purpose, and he can even use a man like Trump for this period in time. Yes, Trump is no netter then any other man and we know who Trump his and the lifestyle he has led, but stop for one moment and think maybe just maybe he put him there to protect his people from being murdered by the demon-rat party , because if he was not there we would all be under the boot heel of that evil wicked women Hillary along with wicked lawless law enforcement agencies that would have been used against all of us who love the Lord and do his will.

        • a follower says:

          Yes, and with all that in mind we still do not need to
          Board the Trump train.
          Our Master is also the one who sends the four horseman. We are to see it and understand the why.

  3. Bill says:

    Sometimes we all need to watch out, because the things of the Lord are hard to understand and most of the time they are spiritual in nature and not natural. The natural man cannot not understand this, and evil and adulterous seeketh after a sign like the Jews were doing, We all have a tendency to get caught up in the four horseman of the Apocalypse, but I believe these things have spiritual meanings. God says he will return as lighting shines from the east to the west and he will come on the clouds of Glory with the last trump of God which we will all hear and this is what we must be prepared for spiritually. The kingdom is within you it’s not external in our natural realm and dimension.
    God bless and may the Lord grant you wisdom in tough times we are all living in.

    • a follower says:

      Bill, i am not ‘caught up in the four horseman. Was simply making a point.
      Yahuah sends or allows the Antichrist ( for an allotted time period) also for a reason.
      A natural man with Jesus within is not natural at all. Signs seem to be everywhere, there is no need to seek a sign.
      Yes, i believe the True kingdom the True church is within us, the more we seek Him.
      One of my favorite Bonhoeffer quotes is about boarding the wrong train.
      This post and your first response reminded me of this quote. Also
      i heard much of Glens radio program, the day he said these things.
      Do you think me and or others who choose not to vote for Hillary nor ‘the Donald’ are in effect going to change Gods plan or results ?
      “Everyone Is Jumping on the Bandwagon (Everyone that Is Sentient)”
      i disagree!!!

      • Bill says:

        In your definition who or what is an anti christ to you?

        • a follower says:

          in this context, i am speaking of a leader ( antichrist) we are warned about.
          Even he arises to power because he is allowed too.

  4. David says:

    Sentient: Able to perceive or feel things.

    • a follower says:

      i guess i do not understand? Everyone who is able to perceive or feel things are now to jump on the Trump bandwagon?
      Because now we see how great this man truly is?

  5. Norseman says:

    I like Glen he has a way with words that I rather enjoy .he doesn’t try to have each side scream at the other till the camera breaks . That stuff turns me off id much rather hear the facts in a clear concise manner .

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