Everything I Know About Business I Learned From The Godfather

Three hours spent watching the iconic Godfather films will teach you more about business than any lecture on Industrial Strategies, while the novel itself offers more insight into running an organization than entire libraries of books on management.

Within Mario Puzo’s landmark epic and The Godfather Films are a treasury of lessons not found in business books or MBA programs. These include:

Why Don Vito Corleone was a great executive.



I have read all of Robert Gore’s books since reading The Golden Pinnacle (a great novel). His latest book offers correlations between the Godfather book and movies with successful business operations. Mr. Gore’s observations reinforced many of my business principles and pointed out why “Don Vito Corleone was a great executive” as stated above.

Two points:

  1. I never read the Godfather book but I have ordered it.
  2. I need to watch the first two movies again. Not sure about watching the third.

Another good read from Bob.

David DeGerolamo

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