EXCLUSIVE: Roger Stone Responds to “MARTIAL LAW” Smear

The return of Martial Law? | Afram News

Now that we are on the eve of President Trump’s re-election, the mainstream ‘news’ media’s brazen disinformation war has shifted into maximum overdrive. Their false charge that I urged the President to declare Martial Law if he lost the next election is false and must be exposed.

The usual pseudo-journalistic suspects are at it again, scrambling hysterically to please their shadowy political masters, spewing forth their latest blatantly-false partisan fantasy narrative onto the fake news-weary American electorate, now long-fatigued by the ceaseless scheming and ruthless manipulating they have had to suffer for years now at the hands of these high-tech disinformationists.

Like all of their convoluted efforts to gaslight the public, spinning a more and more bizarre version of reality with each new layer of bovine feces they pile onto it, the latest springs out of the same arrogant runaway megalomania as the rest, only with far grander designs in mind. They are now approaching the culmination of their long-standing plans for total seizure, no matter what the cost, of totalitarian-level power which requires, first and foremost, stealing the presidency by any means necessary.

Since 2016 we have seen an unbroken pattern of the President’s opponents accusing him and his supporters of doing exactly what they themselves are doing. Take for example the Clinton Campaign’s paying for and commission of a phony dossier smearing the President that was prepared with the assistance of Russian Intelligence and laundering their payment through a West Coast law firm- the only actual Russian Collusion in the 2016 election. Here they are at it again.

In unholy communion with their deceitful fellow traveler propagandists in corporate media, the Democrat Party’s daft dishonest ‘leaders’ are now totally unabashed about their single minded intention to steal the 2020 presidential election by engaging in rampant, unprecedented voter fraud, staging unprecedented violence in our streets and communities to promote instability while simultaneously scheming to  limit the legal and political prerogatives available to the nation’s chief executive officer to stop their commission of this massive crime. The Left is attacking me because I have exposed them, not because I have urged the President to do anything improper or illegal.

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