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1 Response to FALL OF THE EMPIRE!!!

  1. a follower (working on it.) says:

    i too believe the empire is falling. it is needed and will be painful.
    Will you consider posting the latest from Rex? This too is something i have been led to observe over the last years. Veteran ceremonies at the High school were very illuminating in this. i believe this is also used as a recruitment tool.
    The ‘world’ has led us(many of us) astray. The world has given aid to leading many astray. we see it all around us. special parking,free or discounted meals, special programs and functions where you are paraded for others. Pride is a danger. Favoritism is also a danger for both sides.
    Certainly no longer confined to the military, we see the ‘favoritism’ spreading out to the police,the firemen,the first res ponders. all of them. Just as long as you are one in a club of persons. This essential,non- essential division is just another tactic in division and favoritism.
    Christ God is not a respecter of persons.
    we need each other, hopefully we can all be useful and needed (loved)in our own ways. Hopefully people can see if any one group of people completely vanished we could find a reason to miss them.
    We can be grateful, we are to be thankful and love each other ‘everyday’ (not a certain day put up by man) without putting each other upon a pedestal one day a year, or a season.
    The world has led us (many of us) to the opposite of Humility and meekness.
    We are all “special” insert reason _____________. We are all stars?

    What a WWII Veteran Taught Me About the Word HERO ~ Rex Reviews

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