Far-left groups are hosting a conference in North Carolina on how to tear down statues

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Violent leftist mobs recently tore down the controversial “Silent Sam” statue at the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Now many of the organizations who were involved with planning and executing that protest are hosting a two day conference in the neighboring city of Durham called “How to Topple a Statue, How to Tear Down a Wall”. Defend Durham, a far-left activist organization that supports the violent #AbolishICE movement and also works closely with local antifa groups is organizing this event.

According to the event description, this conference will be centered around workshops, political discussion, and actions regarding opposition to perceived white supremacy:

Join us for workshops, political discussions, and actions to commemorate the one year anniversary of the righteous fightback in Charlottesville, VA against white supremacists and the people’s toppling of a confederate monument in Durham, NC.



The consequences of having Cooper as governor. The rule of law has been replaced by mob rule in North Carolina and the country itself. I hope to see the day when useful idiots get the same reward as what they have received since 1917.

David DeGerolamo

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1 Response to Far-left groups are hosting a conference in North Carolina on how to tear down statues

  1. Kiz says:

    There should be a law prohibiting the desecration of monuments. Ten years to plotting or advocating their alteration, twenty years for the actual act. Five years for assisting in the planning or support of such an act.

    No pardons, no reductions in sentence, no exceptions.

    One tires of those who act without regard to the law and flout their ability to defy it without consequence. These beings are beasts that are the result of forty years of lawlessness and rampant viciousness.

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