FBI, DOJ To Defy Trump Order; Redactions Planned As Top ‘Deep State’ Dems Demand Insubordination

Trump ordered the DOJ to release the text messages of former FBI Director James Comey, his deputy Andrew McCabe, now-fired special agent Peter Strzok, former FBI attorney Lisa Page and twice-demoted DOJ official Bruce Ohr.

Also ordered released are specific pages from the FBI’s FISA surveillance warrant application on former Trump campaign aide Carter Page, as well as interviews with Ohr.

The DOJ and the FBI are expected to submit proposed redactions to the Office of the Director of National Intelligence – which will prepare a package for Trump to sign off on.

“When the president issues such an order, it triggers a declassification review process that is conducted by various agencies within the intelligence community, in conjunction with the White House counsel, to seek to ensure the safety of America’s national security interests,” a Justice Department spokesman said in a statement. “The department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are already working with the Director of National Intelligence to comply with the president’s order.”

The agencies are likely to cite national security concerns over revealing classified “sources and methods” pertaining to the Russia investigation – which will put them in direct conflict with Trump’s order. Trump, as president, has the power to override the agencies and declassify material on his own.

Trump’s order to release the documents comes after months of requests from GOP lawmakers, while the DOJ has repeatedly denied their requests for more transparency.


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4 Responses to FBI, DOJ To Defy Trump Order; Redactions Planned As Top ‘Deep State’ Dems Demand Insubordination

  1. Bill says:

    if these Marxist scumbags think to defy the orders of there boss, then Trump must send in a contingent of special forces marines to lock down the DOJ and FBI buildings and if anyone of these deep state treasonous FBI & DOJ officers still refuse to comply with his orders then this will be a coup d’etat, by the demonrats , rinos and the deep state, trump will need to issue orders to the marines if they do not give up and comply with his orders then they must be shot dead on site as enemies of the nation, just kill everyone of these maggots. these scumbags are working for Soros and the Rothschild famuily, Trump needs to issues arrest warrants for the Rothschild family and Soros, there mule , if they don’t comply with warrants then send a a seal team to kill all of them and there entire families.

  2. Justin Sane says:

    Shooting the maggots dead is a bit extreme. Just seal the building up and burn it. Nothing of value will be lost.

  3. jerry goodwin says:

    It’s time to clean house !!

  4. Norseman says:

    Not sure how shooting them dead is extreme. I’d be a bit more inclined to say that a defiled head or 3 a stakes was reasonable !

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