Feds: You Don’t Own Anything, We Do | the KrisAnne Hall Show

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One Response to Feds: You Don’t Own Anything, We Do | the KrisAnne Hall Show

  1. Beth says:

    Nothing changed in Oregon with Bundy, Hammons, La Voy, we had Israeli Mossad [CIA ] as crisis actors in Oregon and all of these people got Lawyers…to defend them. They really did not know what they were doing when they started this and they needed to read all of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. And government programs, come on, people are jobless, people are being threatened with Obama-care sign ups, know what the penalty is as of 2015 ? $1,400 A YEAR for life. On SS ? Got a pension ? Disabled ? What are you going to do ? Do you have a huge family inheritance to live on ? Are you independently wealthy ? We have Lithium in our Oregon chem trails, we have Radon and fluoride in the water and land and no one does anything to demand it to stop. Our so called Constitutional sheriff’s all run to the aid of the Feds when in your town because they continue to take their money. Nevada is controlled, they call it owned by 80% of its lands by the Feds. How about the HOA as a part of property ownership, communist control. What we need to solutions with a plan of action talking is not working when it only is heard by the ones who always listen and not the other 90 some percentage of people.

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