Feel the Bern

Senator Bernie Sanders has surprised a great many people with the support that he is receiving, especially from young people. Actually there is nothing remarkable about his popularity. Senator Sanders is a self-proclaimed socialist and socialism is growing like a fungus in the United States.

If nothing else, Sanders appears consistent and honest. In the 1960s he was a member of the Young People’s Socialist League and has never wavered on his socialist beliefs. Sanders served in the House of Representatives and the Senate as a registered Independent until 2015 when he decided that he wanted to be president – now he is a Democrat. But actually he isn’t a Democrat because one cannot register in a political party in Vermont.

Anyone who watched the first Democratic debate would have a great deal of difficulty in figuring out how Clinton and Sanders differ in their philosophy or socialistic views. In fact former Senator Jim Webb simply walked away from his decision to run for president when he heard everything that Sanders and Clinton were promising to give away from public tax contributions in order to entice voters. He understood at that point that he couldn’t compete with the free candy store that Clinton and Sanders were promising to open when elected.

Sanders advocates free college for everyone, free medical care for everyone and higher taxes for everyone who has an income. Clinton wants free college for everyone, modification of Obamacare to cover everyone, and higher taxes for everyone who has an income. If there is any difference between the two candidates – it is certainly subtle.

The main difference between Clinton and Sanders is in their personal integrity. Sanders seems to be honest and unwavering in his positions and beliefs. Clinton on the other hand is widely viewed as manipulative, dishonest, and pandering to the specific group she is addressing at any given time. In other words – Clinton has no core values! Sanders may be out of the mainstream but at least he knows what he believes and isn’t afraid to state his position and stay with it.

I went to a local theatre last night and saw the movie “13 Hours.” Clinton was never mentioned in the movie but she was in the background from start to finish. It is unconscionable that the diplomatic and CIA staff at Benghazi could have been hung out to dry the way they were in light of the ongoing unrest in the city. And then of course “someone” made the decision, for obvious political reasons, to withhold military assistance while the compound was under attack.

It is doubtful if a military response could have gotten arrived at the compound in time to save Ambassador Stevens because he died early in the attack, but there was certainly time to have secured the compound after the initial attack and assured the safety of the other staff members. We will probably never know precisely who made the decision to do nothing. Since the generals and admirals were ready to participate in a rescue mission – obviously the decision to withhold assistance came from one of two places – Clinton or Obama – or perhaps a joint decision.

If one is a Democrat the choice is between a self-professed socialist who wants to transform the United States into a European country with all their problems – and a power hungry person who will say anything and take any position that will further her ambitions.

In Sanders, the United States would be used for a test case to see if it is the only nation in the history of the world where socialism might work. In Clinton, we would have another four years of Obama without his high level of truthfulness. It is doubtful Sanders can maintain his following once he gets out of his home area – but who knows.

Some may be feeling the Bern but when I consider a choice between Clinton and Sanders all I get is heartburn! Presuming she can avoid federal prison – Billary and all her smelly baggage could become the first female president.

Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer from North Carolina.

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  1. Phil says:

    The both of the Bolshevik candidates are one in the same and there is not one iota of a difference, there both lying Whores of the establishment and the both of these lying scum are very deeply in with the corporate Lobbyists for the cash. the two of these candidates are mentally ill and twisted , obviously we see who is running the DNC Debbie does Dallas Wassermann Schulz who is no more then a Ashkenazi khazarian Jew who is out to destroy our nations rich Christian heritage. I pray all of this lying scum all die horrible deaths which they all rightly deserve along with the other known 92 Communists in the senate and congress combined who are all proud members of the communist party which they pridefully display.

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