FIERY: Jim Jordan gets HEATED with Dr. Fauci in House hearing

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6 Responses to FIERY: Jim Jordan gets HEATED with Dr. Fauci in House hearing

  1. I hope Jim runs for President in 2024!!

    • DRenegade says:

      I used to like Jordan until he endorsed Lyin’ Lynda Bennett in the Mark Meadows’ collusion scandal.

      • Andy says:

        It is possible Jim did not understand the nature of Lynda Bennett, or did not do sufficient research (as I remember, Trump also supported her, and he couldn’t possibly have known who she is), and he was being supportive of Mark Meadows. It’s possible that even Mark Meadows did not fully understand who she is. I’ve had friends that turned out to be not who I thought they were, even after knowing them for years. Jim Jordan gets a pass from me on this one… think he has done far more good than not.

        • DRenegade says:

          Meadows’ and Jordan’s wives were part of that election fix by Meadows. Trump did not know Lyin’ Lynda’s character but all of the rest were in bed.

          • Andy says:

            I will admit that my respect for Mark Meadows was significantly damaged by that. People need to remember that one bad decision can overshadow a hundred good decisions… the bad one is what everybody will remember, and call into question their ethics and all their other decisions.

  2. Andy says:

    So, here is an outstanding interview with Dr. Dave Janda regarding HCQ and the loss of freedom in our country. One of the best I have seen in awhile.

    “Dr. Dave Janda from “Operation Freedom” interviewed by Mike Adams, on THREATS to America and how we achieve VICTORY”:

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