Fighting Back??? Warning: Harsh Truth

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The right is a long way from “fighting back” as a whole. Many still have far too much to lose. The leftist soldiers don’t have this “baggage”. They are either poor or young, both of which are groups easily controlled and spun up. My fear is that those of us who should be making a stand now won’t feel the pinch until its too late. We are still far too comfortable to make a stand, far too worried about losing what we currently have or our way of life. We are too worried about repercussions from action, about putting our families through hardship, about putting targets on our foreheads.

But the targets are already there. We’re still too infatuated with our possessions to take the time to look in the mirror and acknowledge the bullseye.

The right won’t wake up until the fight is well underway. Let me rephrase, they won’t take action until it’s too late. We all know the fight is well underway.

Think I’m wrong? Are “you” out there? Are “you” making a stand? I’m not. I’m a good example of the above. Complacent and fearful.

I fear the burden of shame that will come when we have to tell our kids that we could have acted, should have acted, and instead did not. That we threw away their future for the comfort of our own.

Yet that fear is not heavy enough to induce action. The pitcher is tipping, but it is not yet pouring.

Better have your food and arms well hidden when they come for them. It’ll be too late to make a stand then, you’ll be overwhelmed easily. They won’t come in 1s and 2s. Look at that couple who made a stand and how many on the right just poked fun at them from their keyboards. “I would have done X and Y”. No you wouldn’t. That will be you soon enough, all of you talking tough from your keyboards.

That will be me as well.

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14 Responses to Fighting Back??? Warning: Harsh Truth

  1. Red in OleVirginny says:

    Disagree 100% If he is truly only just behind a keyboard, then he can be forgiven for his belief that liberty minded folks aren’t fighting back. There are many ways to fight that begin well before the shooting. Communities have to build in counter-attack(not defense), communications, intel, medical knowledge and a supply chain. They need to meet with other local/regional civilian irregulars as geography allows.
    This is -- and has been -- taking place for many years
    If the author can only serve Liberty from behind a keyboard then that is acceptable and an honorable way to serve. He needs to change to a positive attitude and he can use his digital skills for Propaganda.
    Best Regards,
    Red in OleVirginny

    “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”
    Joshua 1:9

  2. 1chota says:

    Amen! and me too. Older than dirt, but got enough sense to know single resisters don’t stand a chance.

  3. cafury says:

    If the communist take over the US like they did in Cuba, you will have nothing in a very short time. Delaying for your sake of comfort & possessions. I you don’t take the risk to fight Now! You will neither have comfort or possessions. Tyrannical regimes move very quickly! They will not only take your guns & food away, they will take our property & everything else! All Conservative Bible gun toting Christians and other registered Republicans conservatives, will quickly be taken to FEMA Execution prison camps or if they see some value in you that they can use; a re-indoctrination camp. In the least if not arrested all property will be confiscated by the state, bank accounts & you will be move into a 1 bedroom tenement & given a paltry starving stipend! Just like in Cuba after 55 years of communism the people are still hungry & lack everything. Venezuela, N.Korea the same. So Wake Up! I will not tolerate this scenario. I went thru this already & I won’t tolerated ever again! They might eventually come for me but, but when they do. All hell is going to break loose & I will take many of those communist thugs w/me. I am ready & willing & to dam old to be abused by a bunch of communist thugs. The worst they can do in this scenario kill me. Well truth is no one lives for ever. ” i would rather die on my feet, then live on my knees” Gen. Emiliano Zapata, Mexican Revolutionary.

    • Paraclete says:

      Like wise…been prepped, equipped,
      and ready for many years.
      Not shy about rocking and rolling when
      the light goes from yellow standby to green.
      Besides, what are they going to do ?
      Threaten me with heaven…

  4. Survivormann99 says:

    ‘Communities have to build in counter-attack(not defense), communications, intel, medical knowledge and a supply chain. They need to meet with other local/regional civilian irregulars as geography allows.
    This is — and has been — taking place for many years.” Seriously?

    Please tell where where communities have built “counter-attack…communications, intel, medical knowledge and a supply chain.” Please, refrain from telling us what you and your buddy’s family have been doing with people over in So-and-So County. Tell us which “communities,” not “groups” but actual communities--villages, towns, cities—that, have been doing this. I’ll wait.

    The author nailed it, quite frankly, and confronted conservative keyboard commandos with the God’s honest truth. Ghetto slime with an EBT card in their wallet and a rap sheet with ten entries will freely loot because…well… they can. It is in their DNA to steal anything that isn’t nailed down anyway.

    Social Justice Warriors who occupy their mothers’ basements or who sleep on a buddy’s sofa have different motivations, but the results are the same. Have you seen the mug shots of those who have been arrested in Portland? These people have the appearance of counterculture types who, in reality, are simply anarchists. They have no investment in the system, and, frankly, they don’t want any. Were they 40 years older, we would probably call them unreformed Hippies. They own nothing and have nothing to lose.

    I believe that things will get worse before the election, and, if Trump is re-elected, all hell will break loose when Antifa and SJWs take the violence to an altogether different level.

    Trust me. If everything goes all Mad Max in this country, I will not sit idly by.

    • Red in OleVirginny says:

      --“Tell us which “communities,” not “groups” but actual communities--villages, towns, cities—that, have been doing this……”
      Uh….No. You don’t need to know, and they need to protect their families.
      I hope you find some people to work with in your community -- if you haven’t already.
      Good luck to you -- and no sarcasm intended in this. I wish you well in the coming troubles.
      Best Regards
      Red in OleVirginny

      • Ichabod says:

        I hope and pray that there’s more squared away communities out there. I know my post is pessimistic, but I think it’s also fairly realistic. I’m sure there are pockets of good people, squared away people, but my fear is that it is not the majority. Not only is it not the majority, it’s not in the main governmental power centers.

        Look at how the left infiltrates a state. They don’t just move in. They come in mass and take the capitals. Then they weasel their way into power, and then it’s boot to throat time. Texas, of all places, isn’t far from the fate of Colorado. Look at how “un-Texas” Austin is. I would have never thought either would turn, which is what makes me question a lot of the “the patriots will win” line of thought that I’ve fully believed in for quite some time.

        I also agree that if all hell breaks loose, the “sleeping giant” will wake up and it’ll be go-time. At that point it’s easy to jump in, mainly because there’ll be no choice.

        My point in the original post was partially that, what is there’s no hell breaking loose scenario? What will that even look like? The Government telling you you can’t work or leave your house? We’re there. Mobs burning down parts of cities nation wide? Already there. The Government destroying the dollar at an epic rater to hand cash out? Already there. Even more threats of taking your rights away? Already there, and with a “Republican” at the helm. So what will be the final act that wakes everyone? Looters in the suburbs maybe? But I think the string pullers know that, and they pull the reigns enough on their minions to keep that from happening. At least until November.

        I’m just a normal guy. Not ex-military, or a LEO, or any of that which we as patriots seem to hold in very high regard. I’m lacking in community, but we as a family are fairly squared away. Beans, bullets, band-aids, you know the list. But even to me, the last 6 months looks like some kind of textbook probing operation. Push as hard as you can, see what people will do in response. But don’t push hard enough where they’ll take the fight back to you. Just push until you see where that grey line is.

        They are going after the power brokers. Sorry, they already have them. I’d rather castrate myself then vote for Hillary (or any Dem that supports their agenda), but has Trump done the majority of what he promised? Border security? More freedoms? No 2A infringements? Mass revocation of executive orders? He runs the show as a popularity contest. and now that he’s losing he’s reaching out to illegal immigrants, and don’t even get started on “NAFTA 2.0 train wreck”. He may have the Republican pin on, but that’s only because he played the game to win and that was the team he could win with. He doesn’t give 2 shits about us.

        None of them do.

        So when’s the time to resist? Why didn’t we see communities standing up during the lock downs and say “sure we will chose to wear a mask, if we want, but we will stay open”? Where’s the support for the businesses who bucked the rulings and are getting shut down? Maybe they are out there and my media funnel didn’t pick them up. I hope so. That kind of rebellion is definitely not what the mainstream media wants to glamorize. Instead I’ve witnessed “military looking” guys harassing people who were wearing masks, before it was mandatory in our area.

        Big help guys, bravo. That’ll endear fence-sitters to your cause.

        With any luck, I’m the only guy that feels this way. Hopefully my observations are just based on selective Internet content and living in a bit-too-left area. Maybe everyone else is all set up in huge groups, sitting on stockpiles, ready to fend off the masses. Maybe those of us will come together during the rough times and make a larger community that works. I hope so, I really do. Maybe these leftists with deep pockets will just leave us alone, or let us split amicably to do our own thing. Based on history, I don’t see that happening. Since when has a power hungry group ever had “enough”. It’s never enough.

        I just don’t have as much optimism that there’s that many of us out there, I question how much of the “silent majority” thinks like “us”.

        And I fear most that when the “sleeping giant” awakes, it won’t be because it’s a call to action, it’ll be because it’s being choked out by the rope around its neck.

  5. pnoldguy says:

    1Chota you are absolutely correct. It appears us old timers are the ones that understand you can only go to jail if you are alone and step up too soon. If we do not have the hearts and minds of the populace then any overt action will fail. We have been training, filling our preps, and building up our comms. The sleeping giant is dozing but not sleeping, resting up for Nov when the real action begins. You may be correct about the millennials, but those that took the oath remember it well.

  6. Thomas Hanna says:

    We have met the enemy and he is us” -- Pogo

  7. a follower says:

    For this people’s heart is waxed gross, and their ears are dull of hearing, and their eyes they have closed; lest at any time they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears, and should understand with their heart, and should be converted, and I should heal them.

  8. Gryphon says:

    “That will be me as well.” You wear a Sheep Muzzle to the Grocery Store too?

    The reason that Individuals don’t “Stand Up Now” is simply that we are a long ways from the ‘system’ Breaking Down to where it being a Free-Fire Zone becomes practical.
    The numbers simply Don’t Work for the communists (and the rest of the government) because of hundreds of millions of Guns and billions of Tons of Ammo, distributed so widely that it would be Impossible for ‘gun confiscation’ to happen as the commies fantasize about.

    Other writers have ‘done the Math’ about Gun Confiscation; if it takes about 20 armed Thugpigs to do a ‘Raid’, and if only one out of three Raids results in a Baconation, how many Raids can take place before there are no more Thugpigs? All this speculation about “Mass Roundups” and “FEMA Camps” is Nonsense, as it would only take a very small number of determined individuals to completely Disrupt any actions by the ‘government’. Remember Chris Dorner?

    There is also the ‘issue’ of Supply Chains and Electric Power….

    • Ichabod says:

      I wear a “muzzle” if its the only way I can get into where I need to go. Since I haven’t been going anywhere, I don’t need to wear it. Grocery delivery is a fantastic suburban service.

      I don’t think we’ll see mass confiscation or round ups. That’ll be too obvious and too easy to rebel against. You’ll just see what Red is seeing in VA now. Dems control the board and start slamming things like gun control down everyones throats. Sure no one will turn their stuff in. But what happens in 15 years when no one has been able to repeal it, and you want to sell some to someone other than a family member? Or you want to shoot the damn thing but yo can’t bring it out in public for fear of being arrested. Or some jackass “turns you in” because they know you have it, and anonymous reports are enough to get search warrants.

      I’m with Matt below, it’ll be the barbarians and sewer-dwellars with freedom vs the Hunger Games cities. Time to order a few more cases of Ball jars.

  9. Matt says:

    Ever notice how in the Dystopian movies the cities are walled off supposedly for protection from the barbarians in the wild, when in reality it is to keep the sheep confined to the city? The equivalent of a giant FEMA camp having rounded everyone up. In the movies, the thugpigs will kill on site to keep someone from getting past the city wall and discovering the freedom of the wild and rural areas.

    The movie depiction is starting to look like a possible future.

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