Fighting for Freedom

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4 Responses to Fighting for Freedom

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  2. sean says:

    When stationed in Germany in the service, some time ago, I encountered two instances of media actually getting young men and women to pay close attention to very important subjects. The first was someone saw soldiers reading comic books, but ignoring field manuals that were plentiful. So some bright boy came up with PM Monthly, a comic book with lots of leggy and full breasted comic girls in it who pointed out to soldiers the latest Preventive Maintenance procedures, along with references to nomenclature and such to get parts and instructions. A qualified success, and probably too pc incorrect to be published now. The second was a great number of soldiers were being evangelized by Christian organizations with the use of Chick Tracts. Little comic books that were clever and done in artwork and well as the gospel. Soldiers like me ordered thousands of them from California, and left them all over bases, posts, and the PX, and in bars and brothels as Christ was sent to save the sick, not the healthy. Young people are drawn to and will read a comic book before anything else. The fact that they are constantly looking at graphics on their phones all day, even at work shows it. Go with the comics on freedom and anti-communism, they will be very effective.

  3. sonofnunn24 says:

    I think you are about 15 years late.

  4. Titus says:

    Sean, the kids now play videogames and visit imageboars, and the jews are working 24/7 already to control what you are allowed to see there too.

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