First Use – I’m Claiming the Word FRACtard

By virtue of first use, I do hereby claim the word “FRACtard”, or more commonly “fractard.”  It is the truncated hyphenation of the words “Fractal” and “Retard”.

We all know what “retard” means – it is a pejorative which accuses or implies that the person in contemplation has a profound lack of intellectual and/or social capacity; someone who is socially or mentally incapacitated in some permanent way.

And a “fractal” is a geometric or physical structure having an apparently irregular or fragmented shape, but which follows a specific algorithmic construct which properly describes the shape or structure at any particular scale of measurement.  Below is an animation of the rather famous ‘Benice Equation’ fractal based upon a 5-pointed star –


So a FRACtard is an assemblage of offensive or obtuse individuals who, while appearing highly irregular and uncoordinated [unrelated], are actually an orderly assembly whose behavior is described by a particular ideological or social mnemonic or algorithm, whether they acknowledge the underlying mnemonic/algorithm which organizes them, or not.

Since the characteristics of a fractal are independent of the particular scale at which it is examined – we can in the same way contemplate assemblies of people of any particular magnitude – who subvert independent thought to such a behavioral algorithm when in assembly togetheras a single entity known simply as a FRACtard.  Several examples are illustrated below –

flagburn-neg-4flagburn-4 flagburn-neg-1flagburn-3

It is a mathematical rule of fractards that, no matter how many entities are combined to create the fractard at any particular scale, the whole will never increase in intelligence or comprehension – rather, the effective intelligence of a fractard is very closely correlated with the mean intelligence of those assembled to form it; and by which the mean intelligence statistically decreases as the fractard crowd grows in numbers.  IOW, fractards actually become less intelligent with increasing scale, not more intelligent.

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  1. LT says:

    Wholly and completely engineered, Lon. Everything from the events of 9/11/2001 and on to today has been wholly and completely engineered. It was supposed to have happened in the 1992~1996 timeframe (remember the Clinton Assault Weapons Ban, HillaryCare V1.0 and the ridiculous number of credit-card offers you got in the mail each week, back in those days), but the American population wasn’t quite ready to be pushed over the edge. And since America wouldn’t leap to her own death, there was no point going after the rest of the world, because America would save them.

    But now, 15 years later, and America is ready for it’s own death. We have, in fact, beed doing a fine job of destroying ourselves for the last decade, and only the coup de gras is left to be delivered. That the socialists have been instrumental in corrupting and perverting everything which once was noble about our people and culture is small comfort; because we are all responsible for our errant tolerance of their godless, hateful garbage.

    The socialists should have been rooted out and destroyed in the 1950s, but they were not -- and thus we got the social and political upheavals of the 1960s, the assassinations, the street riots and such. And for which we ought to have taken every socialist and communist off the street and executed them. But we didn’t.

    And though we got a social backlash in the 1970s and early 80s which pushed back against the socialist ideology and culture, it didn’t reduce the size or power of government, or undo any of the damage which Johnson’s “Great Society” had inflcited… it was a victory for the corporatist/fascist sect, but not for us as a people. And all the while, the Fabian socialists were working on the next generation. They used Public Broadcasting and a host of other tools to lay the framework for a next generation which would be more susceptable to their lies and thus more amenable to their treachery.

    And when the fabian socialists came back in the mid 1980s with their “We are the world” and “Save the Planet” garbage, and enticed a new generation into taking their toxic bait -- a generation which they had prepared with the likes of Sesame Street and other pseudo-utopic drivel where being nice to others and feeling happy were the only important aspects of life.

    And in the early 1990s as Political Correctness took hold, they thought they could topple our society and install a socialist regime upon us -- witness the rise of the Clintonistas. But they failed. Their ambition blinded them, and their pride waxed greater than that of Babylon itself, and they immolated themselves by driving onward even though it was aparent that their plan could never work.

    Just as Kent State had been a bridge too far in 1971, and had cowed even the virulent left of it’s desire for violence, backfiring on the socialists who were trying to create a spark to ignite mass revolt… so was Oklahoma City a bridge too far for the Clintonistas, as it did not inspire a string of copycat attacks to destabilize American Society and thus usher in the police state as they had hoped.

    And now, 25 years later, we see Hillary, the true leader of the Clintonista clan, pushing to get back into the White House, to finish what she and her fellow travelers have been working for, for the last 60 years -- to usurp the primacy of the United States, and if they cannot usurp it, then to destroy it.


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