Follow the Money

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2 Responses to Follow the Money

  1. Liberally Disgusted says:

    Everyone knows this is being funded by someone, probably Soros and company. Same thing happened with the riots outside the Trump rallies in 2016. DOJ needs to shut them down!

  2. Gryphon says:

    The Buses are Simple Proof that the commie rioters are being ALLOWED by the ‘government’ at all levels- All it would take to stop the ability for commies to be Moved to ‘the next protest’ would be for just ONE municipality (Town, City, County) to SEIZE the buses under “Civil Asset Forfeiture” Laws (even those are non-Constitutional) on the grounds they were a part of a Criminal Enterprise.

    After a few dozen or a hundred of those $ Mil+ Motor Coaches are Seized, and the Bus Companies are wrapped up in Litigation, NO Bus could be Rented by Grygori Schwartz and his minions, and the ability of the commies to ‘project power’ beyond their sh*thole hives would be severely restricted.

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