Former CIA Analyst Says Brennan Created Secret ‘Task Force’ To Destroy Trump

According to a column from Larry C. Johnson, who is a former analyst at the CIA, Brennan created a secret task force to combat the election of Trump. 

Johnson says the “invitation-only” task force was created in early 2016.

Johnson says the average American has no idea how badly Brennan wanted to stop Trump because he desperately wanted to get Hillary Clinton into the White House.

Brennan was so desperate, according to Johnson, that it led to him creating this secret task force with the mission of spying on and carrying out covert actions against the campaign of then-candidate Trump. 

He goes on to say this task force was not just a simple gathering of anti-Trump intel officials, but rather highly trained spies who sought to destroy Trump. 



Thank God for the Deep State was their motto. I would not be upset if Brennan, Clapper, Hillary and Strzok shared the same fate for their treason. But then that would be making the assumption that the Department of Justice was credible instead of culpable.

David DeGerolamo

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