From Karen Silkwood to Michael Hastings, something is wrong

by Doug Hagmann

Just a few short years ago, I would have likely considered the death of Rolling StoneReporter Michael Hastings an “open and shut” tragedy after a cursory review of the open source evidence associated with this event.

Based on a number of things I’ve recently seen and certain information which I’ve been given over the last few years, I have my doubts. Serious doubts. Legitimate doubts.

I am not writing out of lack of experience and exposure to such events, as I’ve spent the last 28 years of my life as a career investigator. In the mid-to-late 1970s, I spent several years as a “first responder,” long before that descriptive phrase was ever used. In many ways, my transition from responding to tragedies of all kinds to the investigation of such events was a natural evolution, and set the stage for my current overlapping roles as an investigative journalist and a talk show host with the only goal of identifying truth and exposing lies, wherever the journey might lead.

Offering my background is to simply provide you with a frame of reference regarding how and why I am going on record to say that I suspect that there is something very wrong taking place in America, and it is not new. It is, however, becoming more refined and deadly, and perhaps even more common than any of us can comprehend or might be willing to accept. After all, it’s extremely uncomfortable for us to believe that there is an unseen darkness or a hidden hand that exists in our world as we personally know it.


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