From Rep. Larry Pittman

The House just overrode the Governor’s veto of the budget,55-9, and his veto of HB 555, Medicaid Transformation, 55-10. Democrats went berserk and disrupted the conduct of business, acting like spoiled children, making false claims that the Speaker had announced that there would be no votes this morning, when he had not done any such thing. Claims were made that he was being deceitful and dishonoring the process. That isn’t true, either; but if he did anything unfair, (which I don’t think he did) he learned it in his years in the minority under Democrat leadership. Now it is up to the Senate to override, as well, so that the people of North Carolina will actually receive the benefits coming to them in this year’s budget. I look forward to Cabarrus County getting our new Assistant District Attorney and District Court Judge.

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