Frontrunning: June 29

  • China’s Stocks Enter Bear Market as Rate Cut Fails to Stop Rout (BBG)
  • Stocks Tumble Around the World on Greek Crisis (WSJ)
  • Some say back to the drachma for a Greek reboot (Reuters)
  • Greece Imposes Capital Controls as Fears of Grexit Grow (BBG)
  • Panic Sets in Among Hardy Hedge Fund Investors Remaining in Greece (NYT)
  • Euro off Greece-driven lows after SNB intervenes (Reuters)
  • Western Union to close in Greece for rest of week (Reuters)
  • European banks, bonds shaken by Greek turmoil (Reuters)
  • Greece Tries to Defy History of Capital Controls Doomed to Fail (BBG)
  • Bunds Surge Most Since 2012 as Greek Crisis Escalates (BBG)
  • Supreme Court Term to End With 3 Rulings (WSJ)
  • Texas attorney general says county clerks can refuse gay couples (Reuters)
  • Gross Gets Personal: ‘I Just Wanted to Run Money and Be Famous’ (BBG)
  • Musk’s Space-Taxi Vision Sustains Blow as SpaceX Rocket Blows Up (BBG)


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