Frustrated Little Child

The title of this email from the president is “Frustrated”.  If he expected bipartisan support on this plan, maybe he should give Congress some of the details as promised in his “transparent” administration. Even better, let the people decide whether it is a plan or another voter buy off.

David DeGerolamo

Friend —

Today I asked for a joint session of Congress where I will lay out a clear plan to get Americans back to work. Next week, I will deliver the details of the plan and call on lawmakers to pass it.

Whether they will do the job they were elected to do is ultimately up to them.

But both you and I can pressure them to do the right thing. We can send the message that the American people are playing by the rules and meeting their responsibilities — and it’s time for our leaders in Congress to meet theirs.

And we must hold them accountable if they don’t.

So I’m asking you to stand with me in calling on Congress to step
up and take action on jobs:

matter how things go in the weeks and months ahead, this will be an important
challenge for our organization.

It’s been a long time since Congress was focused on what the American people need them to be focused on.

I know that you’re frustrated by that. I am, too.

That’s why I’m putting forward a set of bipartisan proposals to help grow the economy and create jobs — that means strengthening our small businesses, giving needed breaks to middle-class families, while taking responsible steps to bring down our deficit.

I’m asking lawmakers to look past short-term politics and take action on that plan. But we’ve got to do this together.

I will deliver this message to Congress next week, but I’m asking you to stand alongside me today:

More to come,


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