FUKUSHIMA RADIATION ALERT: Iwaki City, Roughly 30 Miles South Of Damaged Reactors Measured 21,000 Nanosievert Per Hour At NETC Station

Iwaki City - Fukushima - Dec 31 - 2013 - 8am GMT

Iwaki City – Fukushima – Dec 31 – 2013 – 8am GMT

Independent monitoring in Iwaki City, Japan reported to the Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center (NETC) logged a huge spike in radiation with a reading coming in at 21,000 nSv/hour, versus a baseline average reading of 226. According to the International Commission on Radiological Protection, that equates to over 9 times the “annual limit” for exposure. A conversion calculator is located online (click here) where you can compute this figure.

Iwaki City is about 30 miles south of the damaged TEPCO reactors. Click here to see a Google map for perspective, where point “A” is Iwaki City and point “B” is the coordinates for the damaged reactors.


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