Gadi Adelman on the Naval Base Attack

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6 Responses to Gadi Adelman on the Naval Base Attack

  1. a follower says:

    Lets see, Saudis learning to fly and training in the U.S.
    What could go wrong? Saudi $$$ connected to 911?
    Babylon the great.
    Russia, Iran,and China, joint exercises.
    Nothing to see or to change here.
    Wake up world!

  2. Elizabeth D Sams says:

    I knew, when on FOX news they said “he was very religious” -- here we go again. If there was a way we could break off all trade and deals with Islamic countries, I would do it.

    • Chimp Sackless says:

      Israel too — considering all the sh-t they’ve stolen, bribed and/or extorted from the American people (AIPAC owns congress to a man/woman with few exceptions -- just ask them where their donations come from) — never a more parasitic group to walk the face of the earth

  3. SWRichmond says:

    So they assure us that all of the refugees they let in are carefully vetted. But a terrorist gets through their vetting for military pilot training.

  4. Don Johnson says:

    There are so many things wrong with our foreign polices and relationships with known terrorist supporting countries. **We are way past the time we need to practice what we preach and cut off “ALL” support to these Islamic countries who have vowed to destroy us !**We are a special kind of stupid to let it continue as a so-called “Democracy” !**Turkey is another classic example of being in bed with the Devil so we have to ask ourselves when will we clean up our cesspool of a country, boot out and remove our enemies with “Extreme Prejudice” and get our country back ?

    • a follower says:

      Yes, and china is another one, we (this nation)are in bed with. Look at how painful severing ties with this communist nation will be. i do not think american s as a whole realize how in bed we are with absolute evil. Of course love of $$$ seems to be the reason and key.

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