Gangs & Intelligence Preparation of the Community


From Newsweek:

For St. Louis Gangs, Ferguson Has Become a Recruiting Tool:

As they ran through a cloud of tear gas during demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri, on Monday, Andre Ellis, 17, linked arms with Graig “Shine” Cook, a self-identified Bloods gang member who’d befriended him two nights earlier.

Amid the widespread anger and heightened racial tensions here, several dozen young men, including Ellis—most between the ages of 16 and 19—have joined up with the Bloods, the Crips and other criminal gangs in the St. Louis area, according to several gang members, police officers, community activists and local residents.

With more than 90 documented gangs active in the St. Louis area…

For those living in St. Louis and the surrounding areas, this Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) information should go directly into your Intelligence Preparation of the Community product.  This threat reporting is exactly why we treat reporters and journalists as our intelligence gatherers.  They’re out there collecting around the clock, and it’s up to us to monitor this “intelligence information reporting” and conduct a thorough analysis of a) the veracity of the incoming information, and b) the implications of this information and how it might affect our community.


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