Get Informed

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2 Responses to Get Informed

  1. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    I firmly believe in personal responsibility and your health is your responsibility! the problem with reading health research papers, is do you trust the researchers, are they paid to make certain conclusions, have they an axe to grind or they just plain stupid? I do not trust the authorities, the WHO, the CDC or the NIH. If you want fairly accurate facts you are going to have to read dozens of research papers and check the background of the researchers; look at all the contradictory research on climate change. I have problems with the germ theory as well, none the less health care workers have been wearing mask for over a hundred years, now we find the don’t work? Tell that to biological laboratory workers. No you shouldn’t wear a mask all the time, but when the air is likely contaminated or you are, I encourage you to wear a mask! I also think it isn’t the government
    place to force us to wear a mask, wear seat belts or helmets, none the less I use them all. Dr. Lon Schultz

  2. Bricky says:

    medical professional dealing with an unruly patient trying to remove his mask
    (andresantosvet IG)

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