Gingrich: Obama represents greatest national security threat

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2 Responses to Gingrich: Obama represents greatest national security threat

  1. Phil says:

    Then call for his impeachment Gingrich, go on national TV and be the voice for the idiots in the senate and Congress who refuse to perform there duties and oaths of office. Every one of them are in dereliction of duty.

    • Average Joe says:

      Exactly Phil.

      The reality that the GOP, and democrats for that matter, leave the usurper in office as well as funding him leads rational thought to one conclusion being they are agreed on the agenda. Crimes from gun running to IRS prosecution of perceived enemies and even refusing to enforce the borders of our country left largely unaddressed as well as unprosecuted by definition mean those who have sworn an oath before God and country to uphold and defend the Constitution are dishonorable and unworthy of office.

      They themselves, those in elected office, need to be prosecuted for crimes against the people and the states. Once tried and if convicted they must be held accountable both by liberty and financially which, if done, will help restore confidence in the Constitution, government, and avoid the two alternative left to people being blood shed or liberty.

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