Glenn Beck’s Prescient Warning on March 16, 2015 Why Paris Would be Attacked First

From the transcript:

It was here, here, and at the time when the Arab world was sweeping through the Middle East and coming up here, they were stopped in Paris. It was in the 1300s that the French pushed them back through Spain. So, if you think like somebody who was, you know, stuck in the 1300s, you would want these guys. This is a Rome to you. This is Rome to you. We have to start thinking like they think.

That’s why you have the neo-Nazis starting to rise up, because just like our governments, their governments aren’t doing anything about it. They’re not stopping any of the illegal immigration. So, what’s going to happen, I believe, is they’re going to hit Paris, and that will excite all of the people to come up here and here and up through here. It will start to squeeze Europe.

He looked at me, and I felt a little awkward because it was strangely specific and out of the blue, but now that I see ISIS is all but declaring Paris their number-one target, I believe this is important for you to understand. On a side note, the young kid who executed the so-called spy that ISIS caught, he’s from France, they believe. The kid couldn’t have been more than 11 or 12 years old. That’s how scary this is getting. I know people have mocked ISIS on Twitter for saying that they were going to conquer Rome, but I don’t believe they look at Rome the way you look at Rome. Maybe they do. Again, they are coming through Italy as well. Can they do it? I don’t know. Will they try? Well, bin Laden in 1999 said that he was going to bomb the skyscrapers of New York. I would suggest that we take these people at their word. You have to think like a 13th century person and the Crusades to understand their words. Remember, ISIS keeps talking about fighting the armies of Rome. Back in the Crusades days, the caliphate was dominating, and it was France that pushed the Moors out of Spain and put a stop to it.


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3 Responses to Glenn Beck’s Prescient Warning on March 16, 2015 Why Paris Would be Attacked First

  1. Tom Angle says:

    They always tell you what they are going to do before they do it.

  2. Bob says:

    Wow! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Russia is ‘fascist’ but the US is NOT? Government and corporations locked at the hip = fascism. US government, Goldman Sachs, Monsanto, etc. locked at the hip. So the USA is what? Russia may not be the ‘good guys’, but they’re sure as hell better than the hospital bombing, “good at killing people” bunch we have running our country. At least Putin appears to put the well being of his country and his people first, supports Christianity, and opposes deviant sex and multiculturalism.

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