Good News! Up To 50% Of Us May Be ‘Pre-Immune’ To Covid-19

What’s this? Actual good news?!?

A recent study shows that covid-19 may not be as “novel” a virus (i.e., never encountered before) as previously thought. And as a result, 20-50% of the population appears to have a degree of “pre-immunity” to the virus.

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2 Responses to Good News! Up To 50% Of Us May Be ‘Pre-Immune’ To Covid-19

  1. Terral Croft says:

    Nonsense. The Covid-19 virus is the “herald” strain and first half of a biological-binary weapon created in a USA Military Laboratory released in China to throw off investigators much like the 1918 Spanish Flu. The mutagen strain will be released once the Covid-19 Third Wave wanes later this year that will combine with this novel-herald strain to produce a recombinant super strain that kills millions and millions of people by cytokine storms-pneumonia with those surviving dying from hemorrhagic fever bleeding from every orifice of their body. Neutralizing this threat requires keeping small amounts of Nano Silver in your system available at Those of you interacting with others in the environment are rolling the dice without the ultimate viral DNA-replication/oxygen-enzyme activity inhibitor on the planet in your body. Watch the lengthy Webinar presentation at the website for more information. Contact Terral:

    • DRenegade says:

      Nonsense. ORF-1 and ORF-2 are the same as Sars-Cov so the level of immunity is high. Yes, this was created in a lab and released. Yes, Fauci paid part of the budget for this “research”. Yes, we are being used.

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