Gov. Cooper Increases Tyranny

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“This is a call to arms to the people of North Carolina – we have to pull together to stem the tide,” Cooper said.

Rather than reimposing restrictions that have been eased in recent months, he decided to close loopholes in the statewide mask mandate that he put in place over the summer.

Now, masks must be worn indoors whenever someone not in the same household is present and outdoors whenever physical distancing isn’t possible. The tighter restrictions include requiring masks in private schools and in gyms, even when people are working out, as well as in airports and train and bus stations.

Large businesses must have someone checking that customers are wearing masks and that capacity limits are followed, and law enforcement can cite individuals or businesses for not complying.

“We need counties to work with us to enforce safety rules,” Cooper said. “We know we have the key to stemming the tide – that is enforcing the safeguards that are already in place.”


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9 Responses to Gov. Cooper Increases Tyranny

  1. Publius Huldah says:

    Here’s a magnificent Opinion from the Louisiana Attorney General showing the unconstitutionality of such mandates imposed by the Executive Branch:

  2. Hank Mayweather says:

    Here I am making the same comment I previously made on an NCR article. You cannot convince me that an electorate that voted for and elected Mark Robinson also elected chicken couper. Voter fraud in NC? Bet on it!

  3. Dr. Lon Schultz says:

    Each states citizens have a responsibility to recall thier own tyrrants. If they choose not to, let them live in chains. I get tired of whiners that do nothing!

    • bob Harkins says:

      100% know where you are coming from.I was on Gab for a while,and if talk could win this War, we have it made, about 90%of them use some fake name,like the arm of God,or the Prophet,ect. How are you going to have the guts to make a stand,when you are to big of a coward to even use your name.We both know the sad truth is that they will fold like a cheap accordion.

  4. xtron says:

    here in virginia, our govenor would be a perfect idiot….except nobody is perfect.

  5. Rob says:

    Cooper is just another petty tyrant. Anticipating 4g targeting sometime in the late winter or early spring. Just my thoughts on how this cold CW goes to Hot. My guess, it will be subtle.

  6. Chris says:

    He did say “this is a call to arms”. Well….

  7. GenEarly says:

    NC is soooo progreSSive!!! All the little elected city twits making their own suck up comments to support the gubernator cooper.
    May the Covid sweep your state and grant you herd immunity as its 99%+ Survivable!!!
    This is Insanity and Tyranny in one Prog Pile of Stupid

  8. Gryphon says:

    I’m beginning to suspect that the ‘Mask Issue’ is how the (((bolsheviks))) plan to get a ‘Hot’ Civil War started. These increasingly restricted (and stupid) Edicts WILL generate a Backlash, eventually, particularly when the po-Lice are ordered to ‘enforce’ them.

    I have taken to responding with BFYTW very Rudely to anyone who asks why I’m not wearing a Face Diaper. It was completely Ineffective to try and tell them of both the Uselessness and Hazards of them.

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