Government and Property …

Locke: life, liberty and property

Altered by the Founding-Statists: life liberty and pursuit of happiness

… no acknowledgment of an unalienable right to property in the Declaration

… other peoples property was (and is) viewed as an asset to be acquired (taxed=stolen) and repurposed (redistributed) to suit the needs of the collective and its oligarchs

… the Founding-Statists staged the coup against the Articles of Confederation, created the coercive national government and, again, no protection against the confiscation of private wealth by the central government

Final note: the “Bill of Rights” makes no guarantee of an absolute right to private property.

Happy Dependence Day !

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2 Responses to Government and Property …

  1. Rabbi Will says:

    I agree sir! The articles were and are far superior! They are much more in step with God’s word.

  2. S.A. says:


    Just one problem — even if the right to property had been acknowledged in both Declaration and BoR, would we fully enjoy that right today?

    Some portion of people desire to control others. Some (consiously or unconsciously) desire to be controlled by others.

    The portion of people who desire neither, and who understand and believe in liberty and fundamental rights (as elucidated by Locke) was never as large as some hoped, and has been shrinking ever since.

    I don’t know if there’s a cure for what ails us; but having more people understand the truth of your post would be a good start.

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