Governor Scooper orders crews remove two Confederate monuments at Capitol building

Two confederte statues are loaded up on a flat bed truck and removed from downtown Raleigh. Friday night, protesters removed two confederate statues from downtown.

Governor Cooper shared a statement on Saturday afternoon explaining his order to remove two Confederate monuments at the State Capitol.

“Monuments to white supremacy don’t belong in places of allegiance, and it’s past time that these painful memorials be moved in a legal, safe way,” wrote Cooper.

Crews came out to Capitol Square on Saturday morning to remove the two Confederate monuments — the Women of the Confederacy Monument and a statue of Henry Lawson Wyatt, the first Confederate soldier to die in the Civil War.

“I have ordered the Confederate monuments on the Capitol grounds be moved to protect public safety. I am concerned about the dangerous efforts to pull down and carry off large, heavy statues and the strong potential for violent clashes at the site. If the legislature had repealed their 2015 law that puts up legal roadblocks to removal we could have avoided the dangerous incidents of last night,” wrote Cooper.



So what was the legal basis for Scooper to remove the statues?

However, the statute also says a monument can be removed “when appropriate measures are required by the State or a political subdivision of the State to preserve the object” or a monument that “has determined to pose a threat to public safety because of an unsafe or dangerous condition.”

So a statue is now a threat to public safety? If this is true, it is only because Scooper is supporting mob rule and ordering the police to stand down. Isn’t this what Hitler did to seize power? Which makes this mob little more than Scooper’s Brown Shirts.

As for the elite State Capitol Police’s Charge:

Citizen Protection
State Capitol Police is charged with the mission of protecting and serving N.C. State Government, including its executives, employees, visitors, and properties. The sworn and non-sworn men and women who comprise the State Capitol Police are highly trained professionals who are committed to achieving the mission, goal and objectives the agency sets for itself.

The State Capitol Police need to be defunded. This is not the City of Raleigh police department. North Carolina does not need to be paying money for more Scooper’s lap dogs.

David DeGerolamo

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