Gowdy makes the Democrats lose their mind with one question

I have a Question: Why aren’t the criminals from the Obama administration in Prison?

Answer: The Rule of Law is Dead

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14 Responses to Gowdy makes the Democrats lose their mind with one question

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  2. Mark Matis says:

    It is time for Strzok to be dead.

  3. Michael B says:

    No Pension, No Freedom, No Lights after 8pm, No Visitors Except Holidays.

    I have no doubt that there was no lovebird connection with Page, only part of the conspiracy, from Obama down.

  4. dmv gringo says:

    “The Rule of Law is Dead.”
    Told you motherfuckers.

  5. American gringo says:

    “The Rule of Law is Dead.”
    Wow, you just arrived!

  6. Daniel salmon says:

    What is missing in all of this is the action to enforce. Law enforcement fir Strzok, Clinton and Comey is missing in action. We are no longer a nation of laws.

  7. Deborah Harvey says:

    the wheat grows with the tares until the end.
    only God can sift our hearts.
    in the meantime He expects the righteous to do a little weeding on our own lest the entire crop be spoilt.

  8. Daniel Salmon says:

    We’ve had enough words. The guilt is obvious on a 1st grade level. Where is the law enforcement and the consequences? They’re missing in action and until these people are indicted none of this means anything other than we are no longer a nation of laws. We’re waiting. We’re arming. May God save us from what we are about to do.

    • Hans says:

      Daniel, I’m fairly certain if you’ve been hanging around NCRenegade for a while you do not need a lesson in the structure of the US Government.

      But that said, all the agencies which should be mustered to perform “law enforcement and the consequences” are managed by “deep-state” actors reporting below a do-nothing Attorney General:

      The DOJ is comprised of 40 component organizations, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Marshals, and the Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Attorney General is the head of the DOJ and chief law enforcement officer of the federal government. The Attorney General represents the United States in legal matters, advises the President and the heads of the executive departments of the government, and occasionally appears in person before the Supreme Court. With a budget of approximately $25 billion, the DOJ is the world’s largest law office and the central agency for the enforcement of federal laws.


      Until Trump either micro-manages around or fires Jeff Sessions and replaces him with “Trump2.0”, the game of politics will be played by the team in place -- according to the rules established by those players.

      There is insufficient popular support at present time to invoke Rule .308 to “change” the players and the nature of the game.

      • David says:

        If everyone was required to watch the House circus hearing yesterday, Rule .308 would be in play.

  9. Norseman says:

    Even though you say the rule of law is dead you’re still not willing to follow someone to the place and do the dirty work necessary to restore the rule of law .remember after 911 how people united for a short while with a simple phrase “LET’S ROLL “

  10. Aesop says:

    For those champing at the bit, and remonstrating over Gowdy’s lack of prosecutions, a brief refresher course on the branches of government:

  11. david landro says:

    If anyone here thinks this is anything more than theater, JSMH. We are slaves. We just don’t know it any more. We’re too busy trying to pay for a house we can’t afford, a truck we can’t even fathom the price of, property we are being taxed out of and a country we thought was the land of the free.

    Turns out, it’s all hogwash and we are relegated to a system of push me, pull me. A system in place to give us the illusion of choice. Trump either knowingly or unwittingly participates in theater designed to calm us all down by giving us hope… thus keeping the status quo.

    There is no hope because the system is so corrupt and the participants so inured in deception, entangled and intertwined that one cannot be discerned from another. What is now being touted as victory is merely window dressing, a concealment op in place to slow down conservative idealogs and protect the royalty.

    I hope I don’t seem too cynical but the truth is, the best revenge is to live well.

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