Gowdy Sells Out

1. The assertion that Trump wanted to know if anyone in his campaign was involved in collusion with Russia was a year after the fact. Why didn’t they tell him that one or more spies were monitoring his campaign when they actually started?

2. Why didn’t the FBI and other intelligence agencies monitor the Clinton campaign?

3. Gowdy’s assertion that Trump will be happy when he has all of the facts is absolute nonsense. The President has complete authority over all federal law enforcement agencies. He can see or declassify anything as part of his Constitutional authority.

What a disappointment Mr. Gowdy has become. What do you call someone who has so little respect for the American people?

David DeGerolamo

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5 Responses to Gowdy Sells Out

  1. Comrade Obama says:

    He sold out early. It was clear from his conduct investigating the Benghazi scandal. I can see him as a lobbyist somewhere, just another countryclubber.

  2. Norseman says:

    Easy call them marked

  3. Bill says:

    Gowdy has been a sell out on every haring he was the chairman of. he always seem to cover the Clintons and the Obamas on there lawless acts of treason. This buffoon put on a good show for the cameras and the media, heck even when Holder perjured himself on two separate occasions in front of him, Gowdy the fraud never even recommended an indictment against holder in the congress for perjury , he just let him get away with his lies and deceit and even murder of many innocent people under fast and furious and many other lawless acts he committed as the head of the DOJ that came before this idiots committee hearings. Gowdy is a closet liberal scum bucket rino chump and always was.the only reason he is getting out because he knows he cant win re-election and the people in his district are disgusted with him and most of them finally figured out he was nothing more then an obama and Clinton sympathizer. my prayer is he croaks to death and does all of us a big favor.
    This man is a fool and with a long list of foolish democratic supportive ways.

  4. oldtimer505 says:

    They call this type of individual a “traitor” or the very least a “criminal”. When will the indictments begin? When will we see some of these criminal acts brought before the courts? When will we see, I use the term loosely, JUSTICE in these so called courts? Enough of this smoke and mirrors. We need to hold these so called elected and appointed officials responsible to their jobs and actions. Drop the politics and all the bull that it produces.

    It is off topic but, we need to purge all the attorneys out of all branches of government other than the judicial branch. They by their own definition and career choice they have a conflict of interest.

  5. He always was a sellout. Too much could be reveled. He has been namby pamby since day one. He has never served the people, only the elite.

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