Greek Contagion Spreads As Several Italian Bank Failed To Open

While things have normalized since the open thanks entirely to the SNB’s aggressive EUR-buying, CHF-selling intervention (good to see that central banks have read the BIS’ report and have learned from their prior intervention mistakes), earlier this morning we got a snapshot of what happens if and when the SNB, and then the ECB itself, finally lose control when as a result of the Greek crisis the contagion promptly spread a few hundred kilometers west to Italy where as the WSJ reported, “several Italian banks failed to start trading on Monday as fears over a Greek debt default induced many investors to shed peripheral stocks, including Italian, with banks suffering the most.

As the paper reported sales orders on Italian stocks, in particular financial stocks, piled up before the market opening. At the start, the sales orders were so numerous that the system couldn’t manage to process them, something that often happens when specific news causes a sell-off on a stock.


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  1. Phil says:

    Grillo in Italy has handed over 200,000 signatures to remove Italy from the Euro Union to the Italian Parliament. the people have had it with the corrupt laws coming from that filthy hell hole in Brussels, this time if the parliament in Italy doesn’t accept the petitions like they did the last time, Grillo has enough people in the parliament to force a referendum for getting out of the union and returning to the Lira. This time there is no exit for the evil technocrats to stop a vote like they did the last time.they are doomed because the majority of people are sick of being ripped off by Brussels for there money and there corrupt laws.

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