Grim Milestone: 100k+ US Coronavirus Deaths

On Tuesday, cumulative US deaths from covid-19 crossed above 100,000. The worldwide casualties (that we know of) now exceed 350,000.

Whether or not we as a society can agree on the health risks of covid-19 or whether the national lockdowns it has triggered are worth the resulting economic damage, hopefully we can all agree that the global death toll from the pandemic is tragic.

Meanwhile, battle lines are being drawn between those arguing for vigilance against a second infection wave and those skeptical of the severity of the virus and the rationale for curtailing economic activity and personal freedom.

We’re entering a tense time when this discord and friction will increasingly manifest in arguments, shaming, mass demonstrations, and open resistance. More than ever, it will be important to keep a level head and seek out unbiased sources that focus on data vs pushing a narrative or inflaming emotions.

We here at will keep doing our best to serve as such a trusted source.

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