Halloween Polling, Cow Chips, and You


I do not trust any of the published polls, nor do I encourage you to. In my opinion, they tell us more about the inclinations and attitudes of the entity doing the polling, than about either the candidates, or ourselves as a polity.

What today’s aggregate polls tell me is that the media establishment is unsure whether it can continue to back Clinton, for fear of loosing face and going down with her when this scandal becomes the next Watergate – destroying careers of politicians and media personalities like an artillery shell going off – simply destroying everything within the blast radius.

And I believe that is why, all weekend long, we have seen various ‘news teams’ and public figures *all* pushing Clinton away, putting as much distance as possible and hoping to escape the blast radius before Comey’s bomb detonates.

To a far greater extent than any election since Reagan vs. Carter in 1980, the cow chips are flying every which way.  And I find it appropriate that, today on Halloween, we see such a full palate of tricks and treats on display.

I will simply say this – Look Closely at the Political and Media figures, as they are right now, and remember this moment.  Because while normal people present themselves honestly on a daily basis, the opposite is true of most “Public Figures”.  Thus, today of all days, we are getting a rather rare view into what the freaks and skeeves of the Political/Entertainment industry really look and sound like when the lights go down and the cameras aren’t rolling.

Look closely, and never forget – these public figures of the Political/Entertainment complex are filthy, two-faced, corrupt, manipulative, disingenuous, and outright evil.  And there are many, many people ‘on Main Street’ who aspire to be just like them.

Regardless of the ‘outcome’ of the election, we are on the verge of mass social conflict in this country, because those in the Political/Entertainment business have been stoking the coals of domestic discontent – mostly class and racial animosities – to the point that our society is on the verge of conflagration.

Sure, you can call me an alarmist – but before you do, I want you to contemplate how many “Black Liars Matter” riots have occurred in the last year; and then I want you to go HERE and learn what the other side of the #BLM Hate Coin looks like – the side called the “Alt.Right”.  I hadn’t paid the term much attention until about a week ago,  and I assumed that it was simply a reference to the Libertarian/Small Government presence in the Alternative Media.  Well I was completely, utterly, and wildly wrong.  Go take a read, and then form your own opinion.  It is a very large, very scary pile of ‘cow chips’ – and it is gaining momentum rapidly across America.

The Ultra-Liberal corporate figures and the Political/Entertainment complex are one side of the war…and the Alt.Right are the other…  and the Alt.Right, while having a far lower profile, is much larger, and much better armed and equipped, than most people (including myself) would ever have imagined.



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5 Responses to Halloween Polling, Cow Chips, and You

  1. Average Joe says:

    That is but one voice of many and not, even by the author’s own admission, representative if the entire movement.

    Speaking for myself, I fail to see how the “Alt-right” can be seen as having much if anything in common with BLM. The violence, lawlessness, assaults, indecency, etc. of BLM seems to be exclusive to itself as well as no visible link between Soros and the “Alt-right” who appear to oppose just about everything for which he stands.

    As for the arms and equipment, we would do well to remember the left is global and in large part is able to utilize the power of our own government against us. If war breaks out it will be a brutal and bloody affair lasting quite some time and our biggest opponent will likely be our own government which rules against the will of the people rather than by their consent.

    After all, why would a legitimate representative government seek to disarms and silence it’s own citizens?

    • LT says:

      The Alt.Right is the latest incarnation of the Nazi ideology -- intense nationalism with a very strong demand for “racial purity”, and a socialist/dictatorship government model -- what Nietzsche described as “The Strongman” .

      The overlap of Alt.Right and Gun Ownership is nearly 100%. In fact, Zerohedge ran an article a few weeks ago referring to “Super Owners” of guns -- If I recall correctly, they classified anyone with more than 25 guns as a “Super Owner”. As I have discovered, while surfing through the Alt.Right webspace, the cross-over between Alt.Right ideology and Super-Ownership of guns is also very high -- it is a common thing for Alt.Right individuals to publish pictures of their [rather large] gun collections.

      Now I don’t have a problem with ‘Super Owners’ -- but when you associate a radical ideology with violent speech and ubiquitous gun ownership, you have the formula for a very dangerous situation.

      Especially when you put Alt.Right and #BLM radicals in the same space under tense circumstances -- which is exactly the brew which the globalists are trying to create…

  2. Average Joe says:

    Even the author admits that is NOT the entire “Alt-right.” It reminds me of how the left claims the Confederate battle flag is “racist.” While I do not question there are Nazis in the movement it is not a movement of Nazis.

    In fact I am anything but a socialist but wouldn’t nature dictate some sense of nationalism? If one does not look after his own nation, who will? How about the label National Capitalist?

    And, no, there is no question that given close proximity those groups wouldn’t exactly join hands. Even if the “Alt-right” were, as they have been, primarily peaceful, BLM and their ilk have shown no such restraint.

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