Hillary Clinton and the Global Cook Stove Initiative

I wrote an article outlining the failed policy of the Obama administration the Department of State under the auspices of Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton was testifying at a Senate hearing today (February 28th, 2012) concerning the state department’s budget.

The Department of State is our most important cabinet position in normal times and we are not living in normal times. Mrs. Clinton’s initiative for a global cook stove alliance is another example of the failure of our state department under this administration.

Consider the following examples:

1. The relationship between the United States and Israel has never been so strained. The president’s treatment of Benjamin Netanyahu is a national disgrace.

2. The United States invaded Libya under Valerie Jarrett’s unConstitutional “right to protect policy”. Here is Mrs. Clinton’s assessment of our “victory”:

3. The United States supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt whose goal is the formation of the next Islamic Caliphate.

4. The United States is currently supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s insurrection in Syria.

5. U.S. troops have been deployed in four Central African countries to eliminate Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army. Do not be fooled by their name: they have a brutal history but they made the mistake of attacking George Soros’ oil fields.

6. Iran is supplying missiles to Hamas which are regularly fired into Israel.

7. Iran is developing nuclear weapons.

8. According to Mrs. Clinton, Syria has weapons of mass destruction.

9. Rallies across Afghanistan are chanting death to Americans in retaliation for burning Korans used to send encoded messages. Our president apologized and they burned him in effigy.

10. Egypt has arrested and detained 16 Americans for fomenting unrest.

North Korea, China, Pakistan, Venezuela, Cuba and Russia all can be placed on this list of failures that have left the United States more vulnerable than at any time in history. If these events are not addressed, we may be using cookstoves ourselves.

David DeGerolamo

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2 Responses to Hillary Clinton and the Global Cook Stove Initiative

  1. Iceman(aka Snake) says:

    I just love having to pay for new stoves in India. I cant even replace MY own broken stove. ARE THEY FRIGGIN KIDDIN US ?? Another waste of our money. SCREW HILLARY !

  2. NC Girl says:

    We are about to go into WW III and you’re talking about freakin Cookstoves? Really, Hillary? My pot is already boiling!

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