Hillary: There Will Be No Wine in Prison

As FBI “informants” start to testify concerning the weaponization of law enforcement, intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice against the people, Hillary’s options are limited. I believe Putin would offer her asylum for selling uranium (and our national security) for profit to Russia while Secretary of State. The penalty for treason is death and there will be no plea deals for the Deep State.

David DeGerolamo



FBI Agent In Charge Of “Russiagate” Operation And Clinton Email “Matter” To Testify Tuesday

FBI Counterintelligence chief, Bill Priestap, will sit down for a closed-door session with lawmakers on Tuesday, according to John Solomon of The Hill.

Priestap will be answering questions about the Hillary Clinton email case as well as the counterintelligence operation on the Trump campaign – both of which he oversaw. Priestap was the direct supervisor of Peter Strzok – the FBI agent whose anti-Trump / pro-Clinton bias was revealed after 50,000 text messages to his FBI-attorney mistress, Lisa Page, were discovered by the DOJ’s Inspector General, Michael Horowitz.

All accounts say that Priestap is a cooperating witness. In other words, if there’s one person who can confirm that the FBI counterintelligence operation on the Trump campaign was politically motivated – or that malfeasance occurred during the process, it’s Bill Priestap.


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5 Responses to Hillary: There Will Be No Wine in Prison

  1. Bill says:

    we dont know where this is headed when these agents begin to testify, i believe the agents are afraid to because the safeguards for them under the whistle blowers act wont be used for them and there protection, solely based on every one of the 13 demonrats sitting on that hearing committee.the demonrats will turn on them immediately for there king and queen, Obama and Hillary and attack each agent as spies for the Russians and Trump. The agents want to set the record straight but are afraid to because of the lying demonrats with there whores in the lying media.

    • oldtimer505 says:

      Bill: I agree we don’t know where this is all headed. I have to disagree with the idea the democrats will turn on bill and hillery. They “congress” as a group, along with the most of the so called republicans, have to much at stake to do such a thing. The only way I feel they will turn is if one of the higher ups is found guilty of a high crime and either jailed for life or put to death for treason. This might give the prosecution a bargaining chip to offer plea deals to lessors in this coup. Then perhaps the feeding frenzy will begin. There are a number of cracks in the deep state armor. We need to open a hole and keep it open. The deep state and all it minions are finding few and fewer paths out of the corner. I feel it is going to get bloody in the end no matter which way the shoe lands. This is serious business to say the least. I pray for our country every day that comes and goes anymore.

      Harden your heart, oldtimer505

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  3. Daniel Salmon says:

    The real damage from HRC not indicted/convicted is the erosion of respect for law. If she and many more who conspired are not found guilty and pay some price many Americans may say all bets are off obeying the law. The militas and underground will be motivated to grow stronger than they are. Thousands of patriots have already made the call. We are angry at these people. Correction, we are white-hot enraged. I wouldn’t push it if I were them.

  4. Bill says:

    i believe if no one is prosecuted or sent to federal prison for there high crimes and felonies then i have to agree with you there will be blood shed in this nation, and to every rotten bolshevik political leader who are in the pig swamp and this includes both parties as well as every WHORED Federal activist judges who protect them.

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