Hillary With Under-Age Girls – Pics on Weiner Laptop?

Unconfirmed at this point, but clearly there is something very “deplorable” about what the FBI has uncovered on Hillary. Else why would the media -all- be pushing away from here like she’s got the plague?


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6 Responses to Hillary With Under-Age Girls – Pics on Weiner Laptop?

  1. Tom Angle says:

    Will be interesting to see what comes about.

    • LT says:

      Lots of interesting ‘other shoes’ just waiting to drop. I even know what a few of them are… or at least are rumored to be. But for the really big stuff, I’m waiting for confirmation.

      Let me just say that, given the enormity of what we already know, the “big stuff” that is inbound right now will blow many peoples’ minds.
      It may even be big enough for the military to step in and arrest a whole slew of politicians, lobbiests, and corporate billionaires in order to preserve the peace and provide for a legitimate transition of civil power…

    • Leo Meyers says:

      We can only hope. People are sick & tired of the Government run Crime Ring of Corruption. I’d like nothing better than to see all of Hilliars cronies go down. I’m talkin’ from the top (POTUS) down.

  2. Joe Cache says:

    I grow weary of all of these slanderous accusations and no arrests. The big story … waiting for the next shoe to drop … it’ll be an avalanche perhaps. What size do you wear?

  3. ed says:

    hopefully Hillary goes to the big house and trump goes to the white house

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