“Holy Cow, Batman! A Real-Life Joker in Charge of DHS?”

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One Response to “Holy Cow, Batman! A Real-Life Joker in Charge of DHS?”

  1. Worse thing about this “nomination” is that the Obamanation may actually consider it as it does further his agenda of splitting America and advancing his agenda — think how much faster he could build his internal security forces and further subjugate the unwashed mundane masses if he had a power crazy psycho at the helm. Unfortunately, this may play out as more than just a joke.

    Keep in mind that the blacks (the master -- baiters of racial issues primarily) are already fighting the “stop and frisk” NYC cop. The Houston psycho would be a great bone to toss the New Black Panthers, Al “the pimp” Sharpton, et al, and would compliment and support the master master -- baiter, Holder. Hell, Jackson might even be able to expand the weapons distribution to the Guatemalan cartels….

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