How Bad Is It?

I gauge the volatility of the world’s economy and war du jour based on the price of gold. I have done this for over ten years. The powers that want one world order have successfully suppressed the price of gold in order to maintain their central banks and fiat currencies. If the price of gold goes down or is stable, all is good.

Tonight the price of gold is up over $30 an ounce in the first 15 minutes of trading. That tells me that the pandemic is not only a real threat to the world’s economic structure, the banks have lost control of the ability to manipulate gold, fiat currencies and the stock markets. In order words, they are panicking.

Let’s pray for some good news and hopefully a stabilization of both gold and the world’s supply chain.

David DeGerolamo

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3 Responses to How Bad Is It?

  1. MM says:

    Hi David,

    Read your blog regularly. Appreciate all you do. Thank you.

    I run money for a living. The pop in gold this evening is a move on the rally in long duration Treasuries due to global slowdown and the fact we will likely get another rate cut from the FOMC. This moves the hard asset higher as a hedge on that.

    Please be wary of your sources on banks losing control of gold prices…etc…and all that hysteria.

    While I agree with the idea of anchoring fiat currency to a “thing in limited supply and difficult to acquire” to stop inflation and debauchery of the currency via fiscal largess funded through massive Treasury security emissions, the gold bugs with their control theories will lead u astray.

    Again, I suggest pulling back on that stick. Karl Denninger(the market ticker blog) is on the right track and I agree with most of his points. His timing sucks. But I agree with him.

  2. GenEarly says:

    Some people will always prefer the still warm ballroom of the Titanic to the cold waters of the ocean in a small open life boat.
    It is human nature to Deny Realities. 23,000,000,000,000 in Feral Government Debt, plus Corporate Debt, plus unfunded State Pensions, plus a Welfare Dominated Society ….. All backed by Fiat Digital and Paper pretending to be something valuable.
    Call me crazy, but I’m getting in the life boat.

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