How can we Win when We can’t even Decide how to Begin?

How’s that Voting thing working out for you?
While Trump has done some good for us, the main thing that he ran on The Wall has not come to fruition, Obamacare has not been repealed and our national Debt is about to hit 22 TRILLION! There’s more but you get the point.
Our forefathers’ worst nightmare has now come upon us. They created a free government, limited in its powers and a servant to the people. But today the United States has become an empire, fast decaying into tyranny; and we their children have become strangers and subjects in the land our fathers won. Instead of a free and just social and political order, today we are threatened by a Godless national culture and a corrupt, despotic federal government that knows no limits to its power.
What happened to the Rule of Law? We all witnessed James Comey lay out Hillary Clintons crimes one by one and then he stood there and said Sorry about your Luck but she is untouchable and flipped the big middle finger to the American People. I used to think that restoring the Rule of Law would save us from this path of Civil War we are on. Now I think the only way to restore the Rule of Law is by exterminating a great many people who think the law should only apply one way.
We have been taught since childhood that fighting solves nothing, but is this really true? Isn’t our country and our Freedom worth fighting for? History has shown that violence in the face of tyranny is often necessary. Americans as a people are fighters. We come by that trait honestly. We had to fight for our very freedom from a dictatorial monarchy. Our government has never been perfect, but when our government ignores the rulebook it was given, it is our duty to fight.
The Declaration of Independence states that “when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government.”
When it comes down to it, many Americans simply don’t have the spine or fortitude to stand up and fight, even with liberty on the line. But self-government requires the people to engage and take action. Otherwise, the system begins to run on its own accord, growing ever larger, more powerful and less responsive to those it was meant to serve. Soon the servant becomes the master. Sometimes, we have to stand up and cut the monster back down to size. It’s hard. It’s messy. And sometimes, it’s downright scary. But stand up we must!
I think an ominous question exists that every person capable of rational thought must ask themselves. What kind of country are we leaving to our children and grandchildren? What will you say when they ask what YOU did to stop the tyranny and destruction of our Constitutional Republic?
The time for debating about a Civil War is over. They HATE us. They aim to Rule US.
I’m just as afraid as everyone else is out there about losing my way of life. I don’t see a future for my children. But I can’t do this alone. I don’t even know where to begin.
It’s time to debate how to Begin.

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38 Responses to How can we Win when We can’t even Decide how to Begin?

  1. Walter says:

    The founders created a free government. Then they replaced it with the Constitution.

    • heytrudi says:

      No they did NOT. The Constitution is a great thing. Most DEMS hate the Constitution, because it limits their rule. That is why Hussein and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg hates the Constitution. RBG said that she would not have written it, and it could have been different, but didn’t say how. Just that she didn’t like it. But, then again, she is a typical Marxist.

      • YouCanCallMeChickenShit says:

        Actually yes … “heytrudi”, you are brimming with bullshit. The Constitution is merely a blueprint for centralized national government.

        8 Presidents served under a fully consensual government of these united States called the Articles of Confederation … before the great coup known as the Constitutional Convention.

        The left-collectivists you listed above are able to circumvent the alleged “controls” of the Constitution in ways they never could under the Articles.

        And yes, they hate constraints on power … any constraints.

        • David says:

          There were 8 Presidents of Congress who served under the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. After the convention of states held to amend the Articles turned into the Constitutional Convention, the states seceded from the “Perpetual Union” and formed a new government. The only difference between the Constitutional Convention and the War of Northern Aggression is the federal government in power declared an illegal war on the Confederacy.

  2. Hans says:

    There is so much wrong in this essay, it’s almost hard to respond.

    Let’s paraphrase a couple of lines and reflect:

    “How’s that serfdom thing working out for you?”
    “They created a NEW government … a dangerous master of the people.”

    Let’s be honest for a change in this new year:

    “What is the point of “rule of law” when legislative malum prohibitum is immoral?
    “Self-government requires…” is just another collectivist social obligation.

    Distill out the statist bullshit and the only valid phrases in this post are:

    “…it is their right … to throw off such government”
    “…violence in the face of tyranny is necessary.”

    You ask “…where to begin.” ?

    Where ever possible, ignore the state and live your lives in Rightful Liberty. That means you embrace and become comfortable with the legislative label “criminal”. Be proud of that label. Wear it with pride as you make moral choices.

    Don’t initiate force against superior firepower, but be prepared to deliver a highly effective retaliatory response where possible under appropriate circumstances. Live to fight another day.

    That’s where to begin.

    • Shinmen Takezo says:

      What a chicken-shite response.
      Okay… you stay on your knees praying and sniveling and voting.

      You’re gonna’ make a good slave.

      • Hans says:

        In adopting the appellation of Miyamoto Musashi, you clearly have a high opinion of yourself.

        An opinion contradicted by your penchant for ad hominem attack.

        I hope you are better with a sword than you are with thought and written word.

        -- saikeirei --

        • heytrudi says:

          I agree, It is a chicken shit response. No real American who is truly proud to be one, will ever succumb to the EVIL in our current government. You know it, WE all know that. I wonder too where and when it will start. Many of us do. We just can’t sit back and wait for more of the same. The problem is, not one shot has been fired yet. Instead the firing came from oppressive laws the DEMS gave the people. Then, there is that huge Trojan Horse filled with Muslims, Then the Invasions of the 3rd worlders from South America. 15,000 are leaving right now for America’s borders. It will probably take the Military to stop them all . The Globalists have gotten them all wired up. .Who the hell do they think they are, the 3rd Worlders demanding entry into America? They got some nerve.They have relatives living in the USA already. That is one reasons why they feel they should be let into America. WE are all sick of it.

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  4. Gryphon says:

    As Long as “society is functional” i.e. the Lights are On and there is Food at the Grocery Store, the Vast Majority of Folks have ABSOLUTELY NO REASON to “Revolt”. Neither do I. But, and it is an Obvious one, eventually the House of Cards that is the Feral ‘government’ and its Master, the “Federal Reserve Bank” will Fold, and be Incapable of either Supplying the Necessities of Civilization, as well as being Incapable of Stopping a Rebellion.
    Then it all goes “Mad Max”.
    You Don’t have enough Ammo….

    • heytrudi says:

      Are you a man? You sure don’t act like one. Who demasculated you? Who took away your cojones? Or, your a true blue Leftie. You may not have enough Ammo, but many do. There are so many VETS in America today that are always ready. They took an oath and it never expires. Me thinks you are a true Leftie posing here on a Conservative website trying hard not to try and fool us. There is always enough Ammo. I’m a female and know this. are a Leftie with no cajoles. got cha.

  5. Henry says:

    “We have been taught since childhood that fighting solves nothing, but is this really true?”

    “Anyone who clings to the historically untrue and thoroughly immoral doctrine that violence never settles anything I would advise to conjure up the ghosts of Napoleon Bonaparte and the Duke of Wellington and let them debate it. The ghost of Hitler could referee and the jury might well be the Dodo, the Great Auk, and the Passenger Pigeon. Violence, naked force, has settled more issues in history than has any other factor, and the contrary opinion is wishful thinking at its worst. Breeds that forget this basic truth have always paid for it with their lives and their freedoms.”

    Even liberals unwittingly agree with this. Tell them your state has a right to secede. They will immediately tell you that this question was settled by the Civil War. What court ruled on that issue?

    • Jimmy the Saint says:

      “Even liberals unwittingly agree with this. Tell them your state has a right to secede. They will immediately tell you that this question was settled by the Civil War.”

      Maybe at one point they would have, but they are now pushing for states to secede, including states which actively fought against secession the last time ’round.

      • Ron W says:

        True, they once vigorously supported 4th and 5th Amendment rights, but now they will trash those with “universal background checks” and “no fly-no buy” which targets those who CHOOSE to exercise their 2nd Amendment right.

      • soapweed says:

        Many of those NE states who fought against succession the last time around, actively promoted succession for their respective states in the period around 1811 up to 1814.

  6. A.B. Prosper says:

    This is a repost of my WRSA post for folks who don’t read that blog

    If you see it there, just pass on by

    Nether the economic system save that it not be full Communism nor the size of the State are the main problems at hand. Its ethnic and cultural .

    To paraphrase The Big Lebowski, say what you want about Socialism and Cultural Marxism at least they have an ethos.

    Until the Right can articulate what a Right run society would be, how it would run and how it would actually solve problems, it can’t win and does not deserve to.

    Not ethos, no victory

    And note too in a fully developed modern society with high technology, minarachy, running away to Monticello 2.0 or any other avoidant behaviors are not options.

    Be Worthy , Take Power, Use Power or be a slave

    We live in a world where a few guys can poison the nations food supply, ruin the air and water, make people in addicts , mutate people with CRISPR , create plagues, spy on people at a Stazi level and ruin their lives at will, destroy classified secrets we need for security (c.f the OPM leak a few years back leaked everyone with a security clearance) or do worse

    The State has to regulate , control and stop this. It also has to regulate trade and very possibly automation so that workers can support a family.

    It has to do things that philosophically stick in the craw of many here but if you don’t, your society dies.

    The question than remains what will you risk everything for?

    Fundamentally you are risking life and liberty to impose fault for divorce heterosexual only marriage, control the borders (and to expel people) control trade, set some baseline moral standards and things of that ilk. Things that seem like policy tweaks but are in this day and age radical and nigh revolutionary.

    You can’t magically restore the 1980’s, a magic plague that made the US entirely White couldn’t do that .

    What you have to do is set the foundation for a healthy, homogeneous and eventually we hope religious society to thrive and for the working man to be able to support a family and be sure that he can keep his family and he won’t be eat/love/prayed into the poorhouse or debtors prison and that he can speak his mine and live as he sees fit

    No one on the Right can seem to articulate this is what they want and why it would be much better and until they do, they won’t get very far.

  7. Lawless says:

    The difference in 17xx was, we had troops in the streets who were actual live oppressors, targets as it were. Today we have many layers to government. Who do you fight? Police? Your local military base? The city or Washington?

    Until we have forces in the streets or busting in doors, you won’t see a revolt. Unfortunately, it may be too late then. We won the Revolutionary War by a hair, with dedicated and very hard men. Not sure that can be pulled off again.

    • Prickly Pete Salmonella says:

      The Leaders in a targeted manner.

    • LT says:

      We won our first revolutionary war by Providence and Grace, because our society was a moral and orderly one. Our society’s faculties of moral discernment and respect for order are all but dead, and thus we shall not be so “lucky” this time around.

    • heytrudi says:

      Washington DC is the enemy. You are not giving our Military very much credit. If anything, ANYTHING AT ALL, happens to President Trump, YOU WILL SEE A CIVIL WAR! Or, anyone in his family. If they assignat Trump which I believe is possible, then CIVIL WAR is inevitable and justified. The Deep State & Hussein tried a COUP on Trump even before he took his oath, and they are still trying to this minute. But, until something happens to Trump, there doesn’t seem to be that ONE thing that will give ring to the first SHOT fired. There are many just waiting in the wings for something to happen to push us over the edge. Assignation of Trump would be that one thing. The Military and Police are on the RIGHT side. The LEFT doesn’t stand a chance in hell in the streets. They have no guns or ammo. Even the females on the right know how to use them & most effectively.

  8. steve says:

    Too many thoughts to put together and answer this simple question.

    We as a society have become lazy and tolerant. As Gryphon stated earlier, as long as the power is on and the store has food, this country will put up with just about anything the Gov. throws at us. We are soft and afraid of the dark.

    Hans made the comment about not initiating force against superior firepower. If that was the case, the fighting in the middle east would have ended 10 years ago. However, i think a civilization that is still living in the 4th century in some respects is holding its own against the most advanced fighting force this planet has ever seen. Farmers and store keepers beat the British a few hundred years ago and there were many saying the same thing back then but it didn’t stop our forefathers from standing up and fighting. And yes we had some help from other countries but in the end we won. If we are right and just in our hearts as to the reason for the fight we will be victorious in the end.

    Some of us are going to perish during the coming war, that is unavoidable. Do i want it to be me? NO! But, i cannot sit by and let this country turn into a 3rd world socialist hole. It is not my children’s fight but they will end up fighting it.

    Live your life as a criminal??? I am pretty sure that we already are if we are reading this page. How does living as a criminal fix anything? The only thing we can do to really get the attention of this government is to attack what is the most important to them. $$$$. Tax evaders are given harsher punishment than murderers. Why is that? Why is the closest building to the White house the Treasury Building. Try not paying taxes and see what happens.

    Voting wont fix it and we are all very aware of that. The left coast has already shown us what is going to happen in 2020 so we have 2 years left to prepare. I hope you are. I imagine that we are all waiting for the “Shot heard around the world” to get us off our butts but the enemy is too smart for that. They are just taking an inch at a time and anybody that gets angry about that inch is given a label and nobody joins in. I would like to think that i have a line in the sand that i wont allow someone to cross, but am i really willing to stand up and fight for my line when my neighbors line is somewhere behind mine and he isn’t ready to stand up with me?

    I don’t want war. War sucks! So what do you do? In the end, its the local government that matters most to your day to day lives. City, County and State. I’m fortunate enough to have settled in a place that is decent on all three levels but it is only a few miles from a major crap hole of a town. Build a team, build a community and try to fight off the hoards if they come knocking. If the hoard happens to be a 2 AM no knock raid then i guess we will just see what the outcome is. Its probably bleak for me and my family and few of the uninvited guest. But if you are paying attention and you are involved in your local gov., then the 2 AM no knock shouldn’t be an issue. If it is, then its coming from a higher level and all my training and all my preps at my little suburban home are not going to stop a dozen trained killers intent on killing me.

    I just wish that the 3% was a real number. Maybe it is. Even 1% would be great. 330 million people in this country, 3.3 million fighting together would be an awesome sight.

    Enough rambling, think you for tolerating this and let the keyboard commandos tell me where i’m wrong.


  9. mossy bloke says:

    Cease paying for any TV is a first step. I have since 2000. Also, if one must watch Hollywood’s garbage make sure it is a pirated copy. This is called spite work.

  10. NTS says:

    Identify the anti-Americans in your area first.

  11. TS Adams says:


    I’ve been thinking along the same lines but before I go into that I want to answer Hans and Walter:

    The men that created our government were mental geniuses but like all men flawed in character. You nor I could even approach their level of erudition but I bet we could make them look like tyros when it comes to flawed character. Especially me. So what say we quit bitching about what has been done to their masterpiece by men we elected whose IQ’s are only slightly higher than that of a banana and morals that would preclude their babysitting a lap dog. What does that say for us? We elected them.

    We are the guilty ones for allowing this cancer to metastasize before sticking a knife into it. But we had to have our absolute freedom to abandon the moral code that was our heritage from all those terrible men that dared to set their children free. Free to live life to the fullest and free to destroy themselves. Those damn fools; what were they thinking.

    What’s done is done and now we have to fix it in our day just as they (the founders) rose to the occasion in their day to put down a mad dog monarch. We have to play the man and put down our mad dog elite. That is if there is man left among us.

    One last observation from history, documentation and experience: God is lifting His hand of protection from our land and lives because we have abandoned His moral code. He never demanded conversion (though He offered it) but He did demand reverence but all He got from this generation is mockery.

    Crime committed; judgment imposed. Say goodbye to heaven on Earth.

    But that is not the final word.

    The final word is God also is the God of second chances. But even in forgiveness there is the dreaded “unintended consequences”. Because though forgiven; there is a lesson to be learned.

    Now lets get on with it.

    The question is “how to begin”.

    You begin on your face in confession and repentance. Then you stand up like a man and prepare yourself for battle. You get armed with the finest weapons and tactics you can afford—and that includes a Bible; NIV, ASV, or Amplified. And you stop thinking about “bugging out”. That is what you have been doing morally, spiritually, politically and actively on every issue all your life. You get it into your head that there is going to be a fight and YOU are going to lead it. Not some mythical man of courage and genius. You are Braveheart.

    But the first lesson you MUST learn in your newly found sanity and what every true saint knows is you wait on God to pull the trigger on this thing. That is one of the most important doctrines in the Bible: WAIT, TRUST HIM. Tell Him what you want. In this case a country where justice and righteousness reigns. Then EXPECT Him to bring it about. He will either flood this country with a religious awakening/revival or He will declare open war on those that would oppose His LORDSHIP over His creation. Then and only then (if you hope to win) it will be game on.

    Remember John Brown. Let God pull the trigger. It won’t be too late. In fact it will be perfect timing for a long and bloody war.

    God does not condemn war if it is of the last resort because the enemy won’t stop his evil aggression. Even a preemptive strike is permitted when all indicators are that war is imminent and it is now do or die for the innocent. The term is “JUST WAR” and it is permitted. There are many books on this subject and you should learn both the philosophy and rules of engagement that pertain to it. These are rules that the great theologians of the past debated and agreed on. Their reason was to invoke some civility and outlaw unnecessary savagery in the institution of bloodletting.

    But under what circumstances does David take up arms against Goliath? That being our situation.

    What is the one thing that would totally enslave us (soft or hard slavery) without recourse short of a suicidal uprising.

    It is to be disarmed with door to door confiscation or demand of registration or denial of ammunition or any law or act that prevents an armed citizenry singly or in numbers from rising up against oppression in armed insurrection. No guns, or empty guns; no freedom.

    Each of us must consider our individual lives and conclude that they have no value or purpose without God’s grant of freedom signed, sealed and delivered to us through the blood of Jesus Christ on the cross and to be actively enjoyed. No man has a right to enslave his brother.

    Be prepared to be alone, to fight alone and if need; be the first blood offering on the alter of freedom in this age. Live in glory; die in honor.

    At first we must stand alone when the abuse can no longer be tolerated by men of conscience. When seemingly to fight when there is no hope of winning will be denigrated by both friend and foe.
    But fight we must.

    But then there is always God who never fails to approve the man who would die for his friends.

    So how does it begin?

    It begins with the demand for surrender of our arms by the tyrant and his toadies and the resounding NO! writ large in the blood of good men and the fools that did not believe they were serious.

    The mission will be to do all the damage that an intelligent, imaginative man can do that has counted the cost of what they have done and will do unstopped. And what it is costing him and his family and his wrath should equal that of their unprovoked evil on the scales of justice. Kill them all.

    Walk humbly before God in repentance of your many sins. Lift up Holy hands in praise and worship. Ask Him to lead you into battle and give you victory over the unrighteous; those that deny Him and His Son their glory. And those that would corrupt the earth and lay it waste in oppression and every evil in the heart of man. And ask Him for courage and skill in battle and that He would forgive those that have yet to answer the call into harms way and the glory of a man for all seasons.

    Yea, cliches but if you will take off your critic’s hat for a moment and think and be willing to admit men are born to defend hearth and home faithfully. Their purpose is defense in every sense of the word. That when they come home from the test with their shield or on it they have fulfilled their purpose.

    But eloquent words, if these be such, will never do to describe the man willing to forsake his life for those that will never know him, but enjoy the generosity of his sacrifice for generations.

    Be patient, let God start the fight, then man up and follow him, whatever it takes. Even if you have to go alone. God is a really good force multiplier.

    • soapweed says:

      Too bad you cucked John Brown….. till then, I was with you, sir.

    • heytrudi says:

      Well thought out. Thank you. At least there is ONE man here that is willing to take a stand. Your the first MAN to say so and why. That is why I think the other commenters here are Govt workers trying to stop the inevitable with their sissy ‘JUST NO’ stance. At least I know you are real. I’m a female. And I am almost shocked at the males replies here. There are so many sissy’s, so afraid of doing anything in here.
      At least your a REAL MAN. THANK YOU AGAIN!

  12. Walter says:

    Ha! Everything is collapsing around me. Family, job,country, spiritually. I’m one day closer. Dust in the wind.

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  14. Hans says:

    When I read through the discussion above, I am assaulted with one fact:

    Most of those who commented wish to have the power to tell others how to live their lives … example:

    “Until the Right can articulate what a Right run society would be…” -- A.B.Prosper

    “Run” is just a synonym for “Rule”. That is not Liberty, that is tyranny.

    “If revolution destroys a systematic government, but the systematic patterns of thought that produced that government are left intact, then those pattern will repeat themselves in the succeeding government.” -- Robert Pirsig

    The truth of Pirsig’s assertion is validated by:

    “…we have to fix it…” -- TS Adams
    “Take Power, Use Power or be a slave.” -- A.B.Prosper
    The State has to regulate , control and stop this. -- A.B.Prosper

    All I hear is a desire to lash out at the “systemic government” using the same “systemic pattern of tyrannical thought” that created the problem.

    When you change the focus your thought to Rightful Liberty as an end goal, you will become able to consider options other than direct application of force in bloody conflict.

  15. LT says:

    If you wait until the tyrants are on your doorstep, you have waited too long.
    There is no time like the present to withdraw your submission to tyrants, petty or otherwise.
    Our society is the way it is because men of good character have suffered the ignorant, immoral rabble to run rampant. Presently there are no consequences for bad behavior. To act in good faith to “conserve” our social fabric (what remains of it) and impose consequences upon those deserving will probably be labeled a “hate crime”. Certainly it will be labeled “criminal behavior”.

    Fuggem. Do it anyways. They are vastly deserving.
    THAT is how we “begin”… by doing what we should have been doing all along.


  16. Rumpled Nixon says:

    Why do you think federal agencies were armed to the teeth under Herr Obama? Why would the IRS, EPA, and HUD need 1000’s of rifles and millions of rounds of ammunition? For a non-military FEDERAL armed force. Modeled after Maduro’s personal army in Venezuela, this is the new SS used by the socialist democrats to kill all opposition. Shoot first, shoot often. There are far fewer of them compared to the millions of us defending Liberty and Freedom.

  17. Sam Adams says:

    Wait until the welfare Debit cards don’t reload in February because of the Democrat government shutdown. That will be the beginning of the next war for American freedom. See a socialist, shoot a socialist. Easy.

    • heytrudi says:

      Do you think the EBT cards won’t work? I think they will work. A few years ago, there was a computer glitch and the EBT cards did not work at the 7-11’s or grocery stores. They wanted to pick up food for picnics and such on a holiday weekend. When the cards did not work, those people called the police and were very, very angry. The MSM yelled out to the public to let us all know. It was under Hussein’s watch too. But, they were so angry. EBT card users will be the first to loudly complain and throw trash cans thru grocery store windows. So many Illegal aliens have EBT cards for their illegal alien children. But, they are more quiet, they don’t want to be deported, But, the rest of the EBT card users yell the loudest, they are easy to spot and make examples of too. They are weak and whiny.

  18. Robehr Orinsky says:

    When they are successful and pass laws to disarm the common man who will protect the thousands of miles of high voltage power lines leading to DC and other major cities ? The railroad tracks ? The communication towers ? One log on the track and no more trains buddy ! One hacksaw on a windy day and no more electric or cell phones . It won’t be pretty . Thousands of rocks from back country overpasses every time it looks like a gubmint vehicle . Gonna outlaw rocks ? Should they go down that track civilization as we know it will be over . Most people will tolerate a lot of interference but that balloon is about ready to pop . Tyranny brings its own self defeating rules of engagement . There are none when enough people get pissed .

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