How Did We Get Here?

This would not have been necessary if the Deep State was not entrenched and ready to submit to Communism by manipulating elections. We should all be considering how we got here, what has happened in the past seven days and the consequences of absolute power.

David DeGerolamo


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  1. tangle says:

    We got here because We loved a temporary peace and security more than liberty. This goes back decades and decades and decades.

  2. Connie says:

    How did we get here? We got here because we do not have a political party that supports the American people. We only have a handful of conservatives in the repub party that believe in our way of life. We need a third party that takes away the power of only a two party system. Divide up Congress and the Senate so more people from different parties can represent us, the people. This is of the utmost urgency.

  3. Brewer55 says:

    A friend turned me on to this channel. The guy breaks down what is going on in D.C right now, the Joint Chief’s letter, and some other important points. IMHO, it is well worth your time to listen to.

  4. AngryPatriot says:

    We got here through the love of money and the love of power. Politicians bought and paid for through lobbying and a narcissistic desire to hold office. “A bribe blinds the clear sighted and subverts the cause of the just.” Exodus 23:8 “Oppression makes a wise man mad, and a bribe corrupts the heart.” Ecc. 7:7

    Lobbying should have been outlawed decades ago, but instead, it has been allowed to flourish and line the pockets of those who would allow their will to bend for the love of money. The corruption that greed brings causes the love of power to follow next.

  5. woody8834 says:

    I promise you this -- I never considered becoming politically active -- this is all changed now — If we survive to fight another day with gods help I will not rest until we bring every traitor is brought to justice and get the right people into office-- from the dog catcher to the mayor- I can say first hand God always had a plan for us and its not to be thrown on the scrap heap without a fight -- we let ourselves be silent and ambivalent to what’s happening so that’s why we are here and we are to blame -- God Bless President Trump an his Family and he’s my hero

  6. The Kleros says:

    How we got here is actually quite simple. First, we were lazy. Every damn, stinking one of us. We became complacent and assumed someone else would do what the founders all enshrined as our individual responsibility; stand and be counted. Second, we put man before God; we worshipped our own safety and security rather than standing for God’s righteousness and honor. Third, and the most important of all, we forgot to look in the mirror each and every night to verify we’re proud of the man or woman who returns the gaze; proud of standing, proud of working hard, proud of helping others, proud of being the Imago Dei God placed on earth and proud to be the example our children need when times get tough.

    What we do to get out? Also quite simple….correct the three mistakes above, pray to God for forgiveness and recognize that it took hundreds if-not thousands of years to get here and it’ll take a damn-sight longer than just tomorrow to turn the ship around.

    Time to buckle up, man up and get about truly being God’s children. It’s all about love. It’s all about hard work. It’s all about being proud every night when you look in the mirror!!

  7. FedUpFLman says:

    Just a photo shoot! That’s all that they will be shooting, a bunch though! Little psych games, photo shoot of scary cases full of guns and scary green guys. Wow! I feel like i am part of the problem now…For not knowing more sooner I guess.

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