How Do You Make Everyone Criminals?

The next time a sheriff tells you that he is sworn to uphold the “law”, keep this in mind.

David DeGerolamo

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Semper Fi Til I Die
Semper Fi Til I Die
7 years ago

Interestingly enough at a meeting in January, I listened to the Wake County Sheriff say “I will not kick in your door to take your weapons, I am on your side”. Later in the meeting, he said that if the Supreme Court upholds new gun laws, he is sworn to uphold the law. So if you think your guns are safe, think again. Your door may not be kicked in(initially), but if you try to leave your property with your illegal assault weapon and get caught with it, you will lose it and become a felon. The sheriff will take your weapons from your home while you sit in jail, all without firing a shot. Something nobody seemed to pick up on at the meeting. We the people need to wake up, the Sheriff was right, our doors will not be kicked in, instead we will be made criminals with these new restrictive laws and picked up on the streets while going about our daily lives.