How Will They React This Time Around If Trump Wins?

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4 Responses to How Will They React This Time Around If Trump Wins?

  1. JB says:

    Like the “Learning Disabled Children” they are

  2. David says:

    Last time the masses cried while the power people began plotting every disinformation operation conceivable.Its not the same scenario this time.
    The back up plans this time are already in place and will commence immediately.They will do everything they can to rip this nation to shreds and us with it.Its almost go time.
    Let’s do this thing and settle it once and for all.

  3. Gryphon says:

    It might be ‘better’ if the commie leftards go completely apesh*t in the streets the next Day, as this would likely “Trigger” a response from the normies and fence-sitters.

    On the other hand, given what has already been Revealed of the (((bolsheviks))) Plan to ‘steal’ the Election, I suspect that they will keep a Leash on their pantifa/burn loot murder creatures while they play out the Fraud ‘mail-in votes’ and other ‘legal challenges’ to Trump. That could lead to a slow ramp-up of Violence as part of the Propaganda Game, trying to get a ‘republican’ Response of Violence that they can use.

    Either way, if the Harris Administration is (s)Elected, we will be in a Full-On (un)Civil War within Months of the ‘executive order’ to Ban Guns.

    Got Food? a key (((communist))) Tactic is to Disrupt the Distribution of Food in areas they can’t overtly Control. Another important “Intelligence Gathering” job is to locate ‘government’ buildings that may have “Emergency Supplies” for the bureaucrats.

  4. GenEarly says:

    CW on the horizon. It had seemed far away, but now it’s 10 days and counting down.
    The PRE in Prepare is going, going, gone.

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