How’s That Internet Connection?

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Ever have a piece of equipment fail over time? It works good enough so that you accept the “minor” inconvenience of it running slower, costing money to patch it and/or listening to its death rattle? Life and work goes on and it is easier to ignore the problem than fix it.

The Utah Data Center is expected to be online in September, 2013:

The Utah Data Center is currently under construction and is expected to open in September 2013. Our 1.5 billion-dollar one million square-foot Bluffdale / Camp Williams facility will house a 100,000 sq-ft mission critical data center. The remaining 900,000 SF will be used for technical support and administrative space. Other supporting facilities include water treatment facilities, chiller plant, power substations, vehicle inspection facility, visitor control center, and sixty diesel-fueled emergency standby generators and fuel facility for a 3-day 100% power backup capability.

Do you think that a “switch” will be thrown and this facility will be operational immediately? Or will it take some time to bring it “up to speed”. People have to be hired/transferred and trained prior to this date. What will be the impact on us everyday (excluding the obvious)? We already are seeing the impact on our Internet connections as the government takes massive amounts of bandwidth to record our actions and conversations. To keep us safe from the never ending threat of the enemy of the day.

How do I know this? My Internet connection has degraded approximately 80% at work over the past two months. That is the reason I cannot record C-Span hearings for posting on My home Internet connection is down about 50%. At a recent business meeting with a major utility, I asked the attendees (engineers or IT management) from across the country if they noticed a decrease in Internet bandwidth. This started a discussion where 100% are experiencing Internet bandwidth issues. One man from San Diego said he was down 80%.

I had planned on writing this article earlier but was sidetracked. Until a client came into my office last week and told us that she was having Internet problems. I have known this client for over 20 years and she has a small business. I would classify her as undecided or oblivious (see 299 Days book series) and definitely suffering from normalcy bias. But even she is questioning the bandwidth issue as the government rations and regulates yet another service.

So here we are about to enter the brave new world of 1984. Lean is the new Soma. Big Brother is watching. Slavery is freedom and the police state is providing “security” under the watchful eyes of Eric Holder.

The analogy is a simple one: the surveillance state is the death rattle of Liberty. Period.

David DeGerolamo

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