Huma Abedin – Clinton’s Achilles Heel

huma-abedinHuma Abedin – daughter of a high-ranking Muslim Brotherhood leader; has worked for Hillary Clinton continuously since she was 19 years old – now nearly 22 years. Hillary has repeatedly relied on Huma as her gatekeeper, private negotiator, and most importantly as the “operations director” for all of Hillary’s undoccumented activities.

It is also more than a rumor at this point, that Hillary and Huma have a romantic relationship – it has been well known for some time that they sleep in the same hotel room when traveling, and that Huma has been a regular overnight “house guest” with the Clinton’s, both in New York and Washington.

But now it seems that Abedin is nowhere to be found in Hillary’s entourage. Secret Service agents assigned to the Hilary campaign have stated that Huma was not on the flight to Florida with Hillary on Saturday, which is highly unusual, and there are no reports that Abedin has been seen since… anywhere.

So the question is, did Huma Abedin go into protective custody in exchange for a new immunity agreement with the FBI; has she gone on the run to avoid both Hillary and the FBI; or has she become the latest victim of the Clinton Dead Pool?

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11 Responses to Huma Abedin – Clinton’s Achilles Heel

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  2. Bill Montana says:

    maybe she and Weiner will be found dead…suicides, of course…

  3. Jim Steele says:

    Let us hope she is dead. The only good liberal is a dead one. Paging Seth Rich, Seth Rich your back doctor will see you now……

  4. Tom says:

    She’s being debriefed by Mossad?

  5. Sawbuck says:

    Huma is NEVER going to flip. She is off the campaign plane in order to keep the press from making the news lede about HER rather than Hillary.

    Her estranged husband? He may very well flip, but he is the one who needs to be on suicide watch.

    • David says:

      I think you mean “Arkancide” watch.

    • Ammo says:

      Sawbuck…you are dead on…Weiner will roll on Ex and Killary in exchange for a cushy prison, knowing full well that as a pedophile in a real prison every “Bubba” will find his every orifice ……

  6. Ned says:

    Hillary tweeted that Huma is a good friend, and that she is terribly distressed about Huma and Anthony’s upcoming murder-suicide…

  7. Will says:

    If anyone thinks, for even a second, that Huma is going to roll over on her lover, provider, and partner in crime infusing the Muslim Brotherhood into our government, whoever thinks that, has lost their damn mind. The most likely scenario is what Ned said: “murder suicide” of both Huma and Carlos Danger. Killary’s allegiance is to the World Bankers, Soros, and the real powers that be working to destroy this country from the inside.

  8. LT says:

    Will --
    I’m just saying that, if *anyone* knows how much Hillary enjoys murder, it’s gotta be Huma Abedin. Heck, they might have done a few together -- you know, as foreplay or whatnot.

    Thus my speculation that, if Huma thinks she is loosing Hillary’s confidence, (and therefore sliding down into Hillary’s Sarlacc Pit) she might decide that “it is better to live in infamy, than to die in silence”.

    We’ll all know, soon enough.

  9. Hillbilly says:

    In a cesspool there are only levels of separation. Some turds float, some don’t. I expect that Huma floats and Hillary sinks. Question to some, Is the Clinton machine greater or is the Muslim Brotherhood?

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