Hypersonic Weapons Pose “Significant Challenge To World Peace”

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last month his military would deploy its first hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles in 2019, saying the acquisition of such technology has elevated his country into a new era of high-speed weapons that can outmatch the most advanced missile defense systems in the world.

“From next year, 2019, Russia’s armed forces will get the new intercontinental strategic system Avangard … It’s a big moment in the life of the armed forces and in the life of the country. Russia has obtained a new type of strategic weapon,” Putin said.

With the imminent deployment of hypersonic weapons capable of 20,000 mph will present significant arms control “challenges” as the world moves further into a new and unsettling geopolitical phase, a defense expert has warned.



Have a conversation with people concerning our ability to counteract hypersonic weapons and watch their eyes glaze over. The majority of people do not understand how much Obama weakened our military in multiple ways. It is possible that we also have “new” weapons but both China and Russia do not have to pay for votes with the large expense that social engineering requires.

David DeGerolamo

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