Hypocritical Mayor Against Guns

A mayor was sentenced to jail for brandishing and discharging his firearms to intimate a man that he wanted to date. Time to bring back “The Movie of the Week”. Pee Wee Herman for the lead?

David DeGerolamo

Anti-Gun Mayor Goes to Prison for Gun-Related Crime

A member of former Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group Mayors Against Illegal Guns has been sentenced to up to 20 months for discharging his firearms to intimidate a man to whom he had an attraction.  It seems that he took Vice President Joe Biden’s advice, which is also a violation of gun laws.  Although, I think we can all agree that we shouldn’t take advice from folks who don’t know gun laws.  Yes, we’re looking at your Mr. Vice President.

So, in all, you can go to prison for firing your weapon into the air to warn of would-be attackers – even in a state like Florida that has a “stand your ground” law.


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