I Bet You Did Not Realize This…

Surging Gun Sales Triggers Second Ammo Shortage Of This Year

Ionadi said sales at his gun shop erupted during the pandemic. He said he made more gun and ammo sales from March to April than what was done in the last three years, calling the period absolutely “crazy.”

He said once the social unrest spread across the country by late May into early summer, the second round of panic buying occurred. 

“You wouldn’t believe the first-time gun buyers I’ve seen,” said Ionadi. “I started seeing little old ladies — 70, 80 years old — wanting to defend themselves because of what was going on. So, I had to change my thinking. I had to start buying .22 Magnum revolvers. I have some revolvers here, but I had to start buying revolvers that women and older folks could use because they are easy to handle. Semi-auto and a revolver are two different things.” 

Gun stocks soared this summer as gun background checks rose 79% in July year-over-year. 



I only posted this article to allow people to comment on the nation’s civil war. Most people do not realize that we are in a war initiated and support by the Democrat Party. Most people do not realize that half the country will not accept whoever wins the Presidential election in November.

An interesting conclusion to the end of the Great Experiment: a presidential candidate with dementia who picks a women who made her political career by sleeping with Willie Brown. If her supposed porn tape surfaces prior to the election, there will be another shortage: popcorn.

David DeGerolamo

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