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Former FBI Director James Comey recently testified, or dodged question some 245 times during a congressional hearing. For a man who claims to have a photographic memory that is basically akin to an amnesiac who is filled with hubris.

In his book, Comey stated, “Ethical leaders choose a higher loyalty to those core values over their own personal gain.” After seeing his investigative prowess during the Clinton fiasco, the song and dance at previous congressional hearings, and now his selective memory, I find his expertise on honor and integrity about as impressive as Corrigan’s sense of direction. Putting aside for a moment, Comey’s Inspector Clouseau investigative talents, he has displayed little in the way of character that I would hope to see in an FBI official.

There are a gaggle of people in Washington, D.C. who loath Mr. Trump. James Clapper, John Brennen, several FBI investigators, along with many Republican and Democrat congressional members. Some of these congressional individuals have directed money to pay office sexual harassment (hush money) claims made by staffers and others. Many of these same individuals talk about impeaching Trump, or perhaps even indict him, for diverting his own money to the campaign fund to do basically the same thing.

Interestingly, Michael Cohen was just sentenced to three years in federal prison for lying to congress, but Brennan and Clapper told bald face lies during sworn congressional testimony and are as free as a bird. Cohen was told he didn’t need a lawyer before being sweated by FBI investigators. Clinton was allowed staffers who were also lawyers to be present and hear her testimony and make input. Even if one suffers from nasal congestion, this stinks to high heavens. By any stretch of the rules of criminal justice, Mrs. Clinton should have been charged with obstruction of justice if nothing else. Unfortunately, in America the criminal justice system seems to protect the powerful and well-connected and pick on those who have limited means of fighting back.

Mr. I doesn’t remember led the protection detail for Mrs. Clinton. Some of his biased underlings wrote the absolution determination. Attorney General Loretta Lynch had a private meeting with former President Clinton while Mrs. Clinton was under investigation by Lynch’s Justice Department; a conflict of interest and absolutely inappropriate act. If a junior federal prosecutor had a private meeting with the spouse of someone under investigation, he or she would lose their job.

Charles Rangel, a New York congressman who was on the committee which drafted IRS laws, claimed not to know that renting his estate in the Dominican Republic was taxable income. Rangel’s is another blatant case of convenient forgetfulness.

Lady Justice is shown blindfolded because fairness is, in theory, to be administered equally irrespective of an individual’s wealth, status, or political power. Unfortunately, equal justice for all is only an abstract ideal and has no practical application in the real world of criminal justice. If the criminal justice system wants to convict or get a plea from someone they will. In practical application the taxpayers’ supply the funds for the criminal justice system to have billions of dollars to expend and the accused is often faced with losing everything he or she has worked his or her entire life to accumulate just to fight the unwinnable battle.

Comey may not remember anything but millions of average Americans do remember his abdication of his oath to conduct his duties with the FBI in an ethical and honorable manner. He can write a book and tout his wonderful qualities; beyond the pages of his missive and in his hubris filled mind, these qualities seem to be nonexistent.

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Have a good week. Bill Shuey is a freelance writer currently in Quincy, Florida.

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