I Have Been Put on Notice

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Friend —

This week, we need to make some of the last, tough choices about what the final push of this grassroots organization will look like — where we can compete and how fiercely.

It’s a close race, and you hold the power here. According to our records associated with this exact email address:

— Your supporter ID is: XXXXXXXXXX
— Most recent donation: $0
— Total amount donated in 2012: $0

It looks like you haven’t given yet. That may be because you gave using a different email address than you’re using now — if we’ve got this wrong, I apologize.

But if you indeed have not yet given, there’s still time. Just not very much — this Friday is one of our last opportunities to plan for the final weeks of this campaign.

Can you give $5 or more today ahead of this Friday’s big budget deadline? That’s just 19 cents for each day we have left.

We’re looking at what we have in the bank by Friday at midnight in order to determine how many more offices we can open, how many new field organizers we can hire, and how fiercely we can compete in critical battleground states.

As we face these difficult decisions, the President needs your support if we’re going win.

Chip in $5 or more now, before the big budget deadline:



Ann Marie

Ann Marie Habershaw
Chief Operating Officer
Obama for America

P.S. — A little perspective. If we win this election, ordinary Americans will have sent a powerful message to outside groups and special interests: We’ve got this.

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1 Response to I Have Been Put on Notice

  1. fedup says:

    I don’t have any money to give except for the “change” that you talked us into durring your 2008 campaign. If I did have any money you still wouldn’t get it, I have to save for the health care crap you pedeled to us in 2009.

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